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-- BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE ----- A curriculum package all on its own.
NEW Mint set NOW available!

A Limited Education--- Latest article w/Great Resources!

Hot Link to a Nook and Kindle Comparions at Amazon or compare with cell phones like a Blackberry 8820 usually costs a little more. Many require a year's contract and you get the phone for free. Not to difficult to use with the A2 program if it has a web browser.

ABC Distributing -- Unique gifts. Home and School Treasures. Ebook reader for only $59. Click on the electronics link. See also camcorder for $39.

Sally, Dick & Jane
A Full-Color, Full-Illustrated, Hardback of 3 Original Readers from 1940s-50s featuring Dick and Jane, their little sister Sally, their parents, Spot the dog, and Puff the cat. The Reproduction Artwork is beautiful!
$10.99 Another Great Gift!

Robinson Curriculum
RC Booklist   Pros and Cons
There is a Better WayBefore you buy the Robinson Curriculum, view the contents. We offer the A2.  A much better quality product. It is far less expensive, the same methods, but has more structure, organization and more than double the contents for half the price. A Bargain!  Book of Knowledge - Follow this link to see the difference. Complete sets when available.

Hot Articles for Home Educators of the Whole Child

Read more or order individual titles of Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew
SAVE! Buy the 75th Anniversary Boxed Set.
Boxed Set of Nancy Drew ---Out of Print
$75.00 Hardy Boy's Boxed Set- OOP

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Highlights Subscription

Still around. Still fun and Motivating.

Great Gift Item.

A-Squared CurriculumYour search for a quality, organized home school program with a one-time purchase is over. A-Squared (Accelerated-Achievement) is a must have! The A2 has been called a Charlotte Mason Delight with its Self-Teaching, 3-R's approach. K-12 curriculum on one CD. There are many software based home school curriculums available today, but the A2 program is unlike any other. See our A2 DEMO! Click Here
A2 Overview and Contents
A2 Booklist
A2-RC Comparison Chart
A2 User Comments
RC-A2 yahoo support group  Free & Easy to join. Supportive home school group. Email address required.
New-- A2 Book Support- Titles available in print and comparable substitutes.

New Reproductions---Excellent Gifts to Motivate Reading and Stimulate Creativity!
Boy's Handy Book Girl's Handy Book While in Print and Only $12.95 each, order extra for Christmas gifts, birthdays, etc. Thick heavy softcover that quickly becomes their favorite book. Also includes projects that can be done in the winter. The projects help teach them to be resourceful and independent. Have them select projects to complete--totally independent. Average shipping still only $5. See our online catalog for more detailed contents.
Complete and unabridged by the creator of the Boy Scouts and His wife.
  $12.95 Boys ---currently not available
  $12.95 Girls ---currently in stock
BOOKS - New Reproductions
McGuffey Reader 
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Our Best Sellers include:
1879 McGuffey Readers---Speller, Primer, First and Second Readers available in paperback, Little Maid Series, 101 Famous Poems By Roy. J. Cook, Little Black Sambo-1921 Hardback. Color, Five Little Pepper Series

G.A. Henty Books on CDRom with Additional Titles! More than 60 Henty Books  for only $11.99 CD also INCLUDES Joseph Altsheler.

RESOURCES-FREE Materials and Info
For educators and parents, training the "whole" child. Homeschooling or help with or from the public school system. Not your usual list of links. Home School Treasures does not necessarily agree with or condone the private policy or contents of other websites.

Our Catalog Also Includes other Collectibles:
Dr. Suess - a collection of 13 books in one hardback! 1904 Tar Baby by Uncle Remus - with other famous Rhymes. Joel C. Harris, 1828 Christian Dictionary By Noah Webster, Mary of Plymouth, The Goops - Teaches manners humorously, CD Collections of Charlotte Yonge - Louisa May Alcott's Mentor, Gene Stratton Porter.

Author's Corner
Book Reviews - From the negative influences of Harry Potter to Great Authors of the Past, including Jim A. Kjelgaard and more!

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