College can be very stressful. The physical, emotional, and financial demands a student undergoes can be enough stress for a person in a lifetime. Students have many obligations besides being a full time student. Students have to worry not only about the work load of being a full time student but the work required of an employee. Many students are faced with rent and other expenses such as phone bills, insurance, and car payments. Everybody has to pay there dues and students are willing to spend four years, putting their obligations before their health, for the hope of a good and wealthy life. “The best reason to go to college is to learn more about the world you live in,” says John McMahan of the University of Maryland. “Getting a college degree is a career necessity in today’s business world. College graduates earn nearly twice as much during their working years as high school graduates.” In the long run, life is never easy, and the outcome of a college education out weighs the demands required of a student.

During this time and age, the work force is more competitive than ever. College offers a head start and can be used as a stepping stone for a successful career. College groups people with the same interests into one confined area. Students are able to meet other students and establish friendships and can network connections throughout life in a short four year period. Students can help each other not only in their studies but in the real world. Being successful is all about making connections and doing what’s best. The best thing for a person is most of the time not the easiest and may not be instantaneous. A college education is a long commitment that keeps on taking and taking. It takes a student’s time, energy, and money but after four years time the money is still there but the benefits is unmatchable. College graduates will rarely find themselves without a job or a job within their reach that they have to back them up. Everybody is just trying to make it in this world and it couldn’t hurt to know someone to turn to when life doesn’t go the way we intended it to.

Another benefit of college is the work ethic that is forced upon the students. Students must learn to develop good work ethic and manage their time appropriately. Students learn to be diligent and how to keep their head above water when life and school throw the unexpected. College is a place where learning is serious and is forced upon the student. There are very few students who can skip through college without learning a single piece of knowledge. In high school many students are used to not doing a lick of work outside of school and coming out at the end of the year with a 3.0 GPA. Unlike high school effort is required in order to make the grades. If students do not put the time and focus into their studies in college they will not succeed. Many students going to college these days are paying for their classes. A full schedule at Howard Community College is cost a student around $1200 without books. On top of that rent, utilities, car payments, car insurance, and cell phones bills are required. This teaches students to not only manage their time, it forces them to manage their finances and energy to do what they need to do and not what is most appealing at the time.

Also college is an experience that many people say was the best time in their life. Students are surrounded by people their age that for the most part have the same interests. Not only can students make connections for the future; students can meet people who they might stay friends with for the rest of their lives. College is not only the time to study and work, it is the time to party and spend the last years of being young. College is the last bit of life before people are forced into indulging into their career that in most cases than not they will be doing the rest of their working lives. There is a balance between studying and having fun. No one can just work and study without doing anything they enjoy. College provides an environment where people can study and have fun.

Having a degree puts a person ahead in the working world. These days unemployment rates have sky rocketed, making the demand for work that much greater. This limits the jobs available but makes getting a job more difficult than ever. For those young adults who plan to have kids in the future, a college education is the way to go. It’s not promising but no one could go wrong with getting a degree. It could make that difference when entering the work force. In most cases when employers are looking for someone to fill a position, they will compare what they can look at on paper then once they narrow the possibilities down they will start the interviewing process. Having a degree never looks bad on paper.

My father had this saying that he always used to say when he thought I wasn’t doing my best, “Son, what you put into something is what you will get out of it.” If a student puts a lot of effort into school he/she will excel in life. If a student just doesn’t want to take on the responsibility and doesn’t want to work, than later in life when everybody is starting a career they will end up with what they worked for. Sometimes I wonder what I could do without a college education and still be successful and wealthy. Than everyday I see these older men and women in the same spot I am, studying and taking the same courses that a nineteen-year old freshman are taking.