Question Answer
bladderwort underwater plant with hollow, bladderlike leaves filled with water which are used to trap insects
botanist a scientist who studies plants
bract colorful leaf surrounding certain flowers such as the dogwood and the poinsettia
bulb underground storehouse made with layers of thick, fleshy leaves which surround a very short stem
cellulose tough, fibrous material used to form the cell walls of plants
cereal grass type of grass that is harvested for the nutrietns in its seeds, or grains. examples include wheat, rice and corn
chlorophyll pigment that gives a plant its green color
chloroplasts "packages" of chlorophyll found in leaf cells
cuticle waxy substance that coats the leaf
dormant a seed that is alive but inactive
embryo part of the seed that is a miniature undeveloped plant
fertilization the process in which an egg stored inside an ovule unites with a sperm cell from a grain of pollen
guard cells structures that allow stomata to open and close
epiphyte a plant that grows in the tops of trees and never touches the ground, such as the vanilla plant and Spanish moss
geotropism a plant's response to gravity
leaf part of the plant where photosynthesis occurs
make food for the plant this is the main the function of the leaf
midrib large vein running up the middle of many leaves
ovary this part of the of the plant develops into the fruit
petal most noticeable, brightly colored part of a flower that helps to attract bees or other creatures.
photosynthesis chemical process by which a plant produces food
pitcher plant bright colors and honey-scented nectar of this plant lure the insects that drown in its leaves
pollination the transfer of pollen from the stamen to the pistil
root cap layer of thick, protective cells at the tip of the root
root system part of the plant that grows below the ground
roots the main function of these is to absorb water and minerals from the ground
shoot system part of the plant that is above the ground
starch a type of sugar stored in the roots, that plants need to live.
stomata pores on the underside of the leaf
sundew sticky, glistening dew drops on this plant are the bait that attracts insects
taproot particularly deep main root
tropism any growth response of a plant to a condition in its environment
Venus's-flytrap plant with hinged leaves that close shut lke the jaws of a steel trap
warmth and moisture two things needed for a seed to sprout

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