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The retail store we selected was Club Monaco, which is a clothing brand for men and women. The products that are sold in the store are mid-price high-end clothing. Polo Ralph Lauren in Toronto founded the clothing brand in 1985. They have more than 140 locations world wide such as, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, South Korea, China, the Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Arabia, Sweden, Turkey, United States, and United Kingdom. Club Monaco is best known for their “black and white” styles/ collections. Also, each month they bring in a new collection to their retail stores.
We visited Club Monaco located in the Westfield mall on December 12th in San Francisco, CA at 10:00am. The store was pretty empty; there were only six customers and three sales associates. We noticed the collection that was in-stores was their Holiday collection, which offered casual and evening wear pieces. In the collection there were a lot of leathers, knits, beaded dresses, and neutral/ pastel colors. Club Monaco seems to always do a great job connecting the collection with the set up. The store decorations, the window display, and the music were all holiday themed. Not only was the store layout easy to shop, but also the window displays really pulled us into the store and made us aware that they had current product to fulfill our holiday shopping needs.

Even though Club Monaco is high-end brand they still demonstrate great customer service and interact with their customers. During our visit, the sales associates were very friendly. They greeted us upon entering the store and asked open-ended questions so as to help us find what we were shopping for. Furthermore, they informed us of current promotions going on in the store, and offered advice on multiple products.

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Overall, our shopping experience was a positive one and we would not only recommend Club Monaco to friends and family, we would continue to shop at this retail store in the future. The clothes were trendy, displayed nicely, and were reasonably priced for the quality. The staff members were polite, friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable about the product. Club Monaco is all together a great store to visit.


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