1920 Biography About Caroline Gertrude Ederle Sample Essay

American swimmer. the first adult female to swim across the English Channel. Born in New York City. Ederle began swimming as a immature kid and started viing as a adolescent. From 1921 to 1925 she broke many American and universe swimming records. At the 1924 Olympics in Paris. France. Ederle won a gold decoration in the 400-meter freestyle relay and bronze decorations in the 100-meter and 400-meter freestyle races. Looking for a new challenge. Ederle turned to impart swimming. After her first effort to traverse the English Channel failed in 1925. she tried once more a twelvemonth subsequently and succeeded. In making so she besides established a record clip for work forces or adult females. Ederle covered the 35 metres from Cap Gris-Nez. France. to Dover. England. in 14 hours 31 proceedingss. The old record was set by Mathew Webb which took 16 hours 23 proceedingss. The effort made headlines and propelled Ederle to stardom in the United States. She subsequently performed in a music hall act and taught swimming to kids. Gertrude Ederle was born in New York City on October 23. 1905.

She was one of five kids of Henry and Anna Ederle. German immigrants who owned a meatman store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Gertrude was a title-holder swimmer by her late adolescent old ages. and she competed in the 1924 Olympics. Where her freestyle squad won three decorations. From a immature age she was passionate about swimming. which she learned at the local public pool and at the New Jersey beach where her household spent summers. Competing locally. she had her foremost win at the age of 16. and between 1921 and 1925 she held 29 records. In 1926 she became the first adult female to swim the English Channel ; her record-breaking accomplishment brought her a period of celebrity and congratulations. Aroused on-lookers welcomed her at the dock. She received congratulations from President Calvin Coolidge. who called her “America’s Best Girl” and invited her to the White House. For several old ages. America’s “Queen of the Waves” was a athleticss star and a cultural esthesis with Babe Ruth or Charles Lindbergh.

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1920 Biography About Caroline Gertrude Ederle Sample Essay
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“I merely cognize if it could be done. it had to be done. and I did it. ” – Gertrude Ederle


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