1968: Cultural, Social and Political Movements of the Century Essay

1968 is recognized, by many, to have been one of the utmost crucial, yet controversial years in American history. The year marked an end to one of the most famous presidencies, Kennedy and Johnson, and started a country wide revolution among young teens and adults. And through this, 1968 left a change in society’s views and opinions. Ever after World War II, only one word had sidetracked all of Americans mind, communism. The fear that U. S would be commanded by a superior, one-say authority sparked a fast feud between the U. S and almost any nation with an impression of communism. In the year of 1968, the U.

S had a battle with Vietnam, leading to-the Vietnam War. One of the biggest social debates of the century, the Vietnam War began in 1968 during Johnson’s presidency. The war separated the country with the young adults protesting against it, and the more older for it. The war led to many college campus protests and chaos all over the United States. The Vietnam wars was one of the biggest causes of the year’s cultural issue, drug abuse. During the time of numerous drafting, many young soldiers against the war, sought ways to escape by joining colleges and events such as the National Guard.

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1968: Cultural, Social and Political Movements of the Century Essay
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Many ,who did go, caused an eruption back home. During 1958 a new era of cultural was born. This generation sought out the meaning of life, not through war or violence, but as a more rational and peaceful approach. They preached peace and of mellow harmony. One of the biggest part of their lives was the heavy abuse of drugs. This generation abused almost every lethal to minor types of drugs that were out there just to seek out meaning in their lives and get away from the effects of war.

Upon drug use in the 1968, another major movement evolved and progressed, the civil rights movement. The movement that called out for the equal rights of every man or woman regardless of their age, race, or sex. The civil rights movement, eventually, succeeded and was named one of the biggest social movements to happen during this era. Described as one of the most “wild and crazy” time in our history, 1968 was a time of great sorrow and of great achievement. The effects made in 1968 still impact us till this day.


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