Question Answer
the surface currents in each ocean gyres
a ____ can affect weather and climate ocean current
some currents move along the waters surface and others are examples of _____ upwelling
Because of ________ ocean currents flow counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere and clockwise in the northern hemisphere Coriolis Effect
Surface currents are caused by _____ from the wind friction
surface currents move ________ horizontally
The vertical movement of water towards the oceans surface is an ________ upwelling
The vertical movement of water from the surface to deeper pars of the ocean is a ________ current density
density currents are bought on by changes in temp or ______ salinity
The oceans are a major part of the ______ water cycle
The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt explains _______ around earth thermal energy
Ocean currents affect weather and climate T
Friction caused by wind makes surface currents T
surface currents move horizontally T
Surface currents form gyres F
The coriolis effect is caused by earthquakes F
Density currentss move water horizontally T
upwellings move water down F
density currents aare caused by changes in density T
oceans are purple F
Great OCean Conveyor belt shows thermal energy T
Most rain comes from oceans T
Upwellings move water vertically T
Upwellings move water down F
Friction desnt affect surface currents F

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