1st Hour

Question Answer
periodic rise and fall of the oceans surface. tides
occurs when Earth the Moon and Sun form a right angle neap tide
ge level of the oceans surface at any given time sea level
a wave that form when an ocean disturbance suddenly moves a large volume of water tsunami
occurs whene Earth Moon Sun spring tide
The difference in water level between a high tide and low tide tidal range
highest part of a wave crest
lowest part of a wave trough
vertical distance from crest to trough wave height
horizontal distance from crest to crest wavelenght
currents formed by blowing wind surface waves
wave that forms fromm sudden disturbance tsunami
average level of the oceans sea level
periodic rise and fall of the oceans tides
difference between high and low tide tidal rnge
largest tide spring tide
lowest tide neap tide
spring tides are formed when the earth sun and moon are lined up in a _____ line straight
neap tides are when the earth sun and moon form a _____ angle right
a ___ is a wave that cannot support its crest breaker
the motion of water particles is circular T
waves generally transport water F
can an earthquake form a tsunamin yes or no yes
why is the tidl range strongest during spring tide all 3 are lined up

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