1st Hour

Question Answer
A feature on the ocean floor abyssal plain
water in the oceans seawater
refers to dissolved salt content salinity
chemical process where light chemical process in which light, water, and carbon dioxide are converted into sugar
slightly salty brackish
The continental shelf, slope, and rise are regions of the continental____________ plains
Large flat areas of seafloor that extend across the deepest parts of the ocean bsin abyssal plains
What is the term for an unmanned submersible ROV
Which zone recieves no sunlight deep zone
What happens to density as depth increases in the oceans it increases
salt mixed with freshwater is ________ brackish
The 5 oceans are the antartic,pacific, atlantic,indian, and southern. T or F T
Salinity is a measure of the mass of disolved solids in a mass of water F
Salinty of 35 parts per thousand means if you measure 1000g of seawater, 100g would be water molecules and 35g would be salts F
the salinity of water is not constant T
Brackish water is polluted water mixed w/seawater F
Describe abyssal plains flat area at the bottom oof the ocean
List 2 major resources at the bottom of the ocean eneergy and mineral
How does light that is absorbed affect the waters temp. it gets warmer
why do photosynthesis deoendent creatures live in thee surface zone it has the most sunlight
Why do bioluminescent creatures emit blue/green light it is easier to see
Which zone recieves most sunlight surface zone
Which recieves some sunlight middle zone
which revieves no sunlight deep zone
Do tectonic plates affect the ocean floor yes

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