2 Minute Intro Essay

Hello, my name is Mary Wilson better known as Jean Wilson. I am 31 years young and I major in Mass Communication Media Production. My hometown is Madison and I really love living there because its quite and peaceful. Well… at least the part I live in is! I’ve always dreamed that someday I would own my own business, and that dream has come true. The name of my business is Wilson Photography . I feel really overloaded sometimes about owning my own business, but, HEY… hat’s the life of a usiness owner… Some of the things outside of running my business I enjoy are desigining flyer’s, invitations, business cards, obituaries, etc… There are so… many thing that I’ve tried in my life, but I can truely say photography has stolen my heart. I’ve done some really interested things in my life, but don’t care to mention them. My family consist of my mother, my husband, my two boys, and my daughter.

If I could change Just one thing about myself, I would’ve finished my degree when I first ttended Jackson State University in 2000, but I found myself getting sucked into the college life… But, anyways… What matters most is I still have time to complete my degree. The one thing I would like to be remembered for, is showing my children that whatever they put their minds to they can do it. As far as future plans for me goes, I hope to be a successfully business owner that travels the world.

Now I choose Mass Communication because, I’m ready to began that new that chapter in my life. Mass Communication will allow me to advertise my business more efficiently. As well as learn how to record footage for different events and properly edit that footage. Not to mention the different amount of important people in my very own city as well as world wide, I could possibly meet… I maybe a bit of a big thinker but the sky is the limit. So as far as me choosing to re-enroll in Jackson State University at the age of 31 wasn’t and isn’t a mistake. Until next time folks…

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2 Minute Intro Essay
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