Is the need for energy to power life’s processes
What is at the core of everything of every organism’s interaction with the environment?
Some types of organisms rely on the energy store in inorganic chemical compounds
What source of energy do organisms use if they don’t use the sun’s energy?
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Autotrophs use energy from the environment to fuel the assembly of simple inorganic compounds into complex organic molecules.
What are autotrophs?
because they make there own food
Why are autotrophs also called producers?
Use light energy to power chemical reactions that convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and energy- rich carbohydrates such as sugar and starch
What do autotrophs do during photosynthesis?
Land: Plants
Upper layers of ocean: Algae
Tidal Flats and salt marshes: Photosynthetic bacteria and common cyanobacteria
autotroph Main Producers
When organisms use chemical energy to produce carbohydrates
What is chemosynthesis
volcanic vents, on the deep-ocean floor and hot springs
Where do bacteria that carry out chemosynthesis live?
Heterotrophs are also called
Plant and animal remains and other dead matter are collectively called
obtain energy by eating only plants
Heterotroph that eats animals
eat both plant and animals
feed on plant and animal remains and other dead matter
breaks down organic matter`
in one direction from the sun on inorganic compounds to autotrophs(producers) and the to various heterotrophul(consumers)
How does energy flow through an ecosystem?
a series or steps in which organisms transfer energy by eating or being eaten
Food Chain
links all the food chains in an ecosystem together
Food Web
each step in an a food chain or food web
What is a trophic level?
In a food web, what organisms make up the first trophic level?
depends on the trophic level below it for energy
What does a consumer in a food chain depend on for energy?
is a diagram that shows the relative amounts of energy or matter contained within each tropic level in a food chain or food web
Ecological Pyramid
This is because organisms use much of the energy that they consume for life processes, such as respiration, movement, and reproduction.
Why is it that only part of the energy stored in one trophic level is passed on to the next level
The total amount of living tissue with an a given trophic level
represents the amount of potential food available for each trophic level in an ecosystem
What does a biomass pyramid represent?
Shows the relative number of individual organisms at each trophic level
What does a pyramid of numbers show?
Because each trophic level harvests only about one tenth of the energy from the level below it.
Why can each trophic level support only about on tenth the about of living tissue of the level below it?

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