CHapter 3 microbiooofy test

Bacterial cells could have any of the following appendages except:
Perisplasmic Flagella (axial filaments)
Spirochetes have a twisting and flexing locomotion due to appendages called:
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CHapter 3 microbiooofy test
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The short, numerous appendages used by some bacterial cells for adhering to cell surfaces are called:
Sex pili
The transfer of genes during bacterial conjugation involves rigid, tubular appendages called
A chromosome
All bacterial cells have:
The terms that refers to the presence of glagella all over the cell surface is:
archaea do not have th etypical peptidoglycan structure found in bacteria cell walls:
Bacteria in the genus Mycoplasma and bacteria called L-forms lack cell walls:
Gram negative bacteria do not have peptidoglycan in their cell walls:
Protection of genetic material during harsh conditions
The function of bacterial endospores is:
Chemical analysis of a bacterial cell structure detects calcium dipicolinic acid. What is the identity of this structure:
Which term is not used to describe bacterial cell shapes:
Specific antibodies to the bacterial cell antigens
Serological analysis for bacterial identification typically involves using:
An important reaction site for substances entering and leaving the cell
The periplasmic space is:
Cell Membrane
The site for most ATP synthesis in prokaryotic cells is the:
Is part of the nucleoid
The bacterial chromosome:
Gram positive
A prokaryotic cell wll that has primarily peptidoglycan with small amounts of teichoic acid and lipotiechoic acid is:
Gram Negative Bacteria
Lipopolysaccharide is an important cell wall component of:
Cell Wall
The outcome of the Gram stain is based on differences in the cell’s:
Protein synthesis would stop
The most immediate result of destruction of a cell’s ribosomes would be:
A bacterial cell exhibiting chemotaxis probably has:
Which structure protects bacteria from being phagocytized:
Cell Wall
If bacteria living in salty seawater were displaced to a freshwater environment, the cell structure that would prevent the cell from rupturing is:
Cell Walls
Peptidoglycan is a unique macromolecule found in bacterial:
The region between the bacterial cell membrane and the cell wall is called the outer membrane:
The prokaryotic cell membrane is a site for many enzymes and metabolic reactions:
If during the gram stain procedure, the bacterial cells were viewed immediately after crystal violet was applied, gram positive cells would be purple but gram negative cells would be colorless:
Endospores of certain bacterial species can enter tissue in the human body, germinate, and cause an infectious disease:
Iodine is the decolorizer in the Gram stain
If you observe rod shaped, pink cells on a slide that had just been gram stained, you can assume that their cell walls contain endotoxins:
The term diplococci refers to an irregular cluster of spherical bacterial cells:
Algea and protozoa
Protists include
The eukaryotic cell organelle that most resembels a bacterial cell is the:
Contain microtubules
Eukaryotic flagella differ from prokaryotic flagella because only eukaryotic flagella:
Cilia are found in certain:
Chitin is a chemical component of the cell walls of:
Cell walls are not found on typical cells of:
the site for ribosomal RNA synthesis is the
When a eukaryotic cell is not undergoing mitosis, the DNA and its associated proteins appear as a visible thread-like mass called the:
Proteins associated with DNA in the nucleus
Histones are:
Mostly Polysaccharide
The Eukaryotic cell’s glycocalyx is:
Spirochete, Cyanobacteria
The endosymbiotic theory says that precursor eukaryotic cells acquired flagella by endosymbiosis with a ______ ancestor, and others gained photosynthetic ability from endosymbiosis with a ________ ancestor:
Endoplasmic reticulum
The cell’s series of tunnel-like membranes functioning in transport and storage are the:
Golgi apparatus
An organelle that is a stack of flattened, membraneous sacs and functions to receive, modify and package proteins for cell secretion is the:
Which organelle contains cristae where enzymes and electrons carries for aerobic respiration are found:
Organelles found in algae but not found in protozoa or fungi are the:
Are only asexually produced
Fungal spores:
Which is not a characteristic of fungi
Cell wall
All of the following are found in some or all protozoa except:
In kingdom Protista
Which of the following does not pertain to helminths:
Larvae and eggs are developmental forms of:
The eukaryotic cell membrane is a bilayer of sterols:
Infections caused by fungi are called mycoses:
All fungi have hyphae
All algae have chloroplasts
Algae are classified into divisions based principally on their type of motility:
Viruses have the following except:
Either DNA or RNA
The core of every virus particle always contains:
Viruses that infect bacteria are specifically called _________.
Diagnosis of viral infections sometimes involve analyzing the patient’s blood for specific __________ that the immune system produced against the virus.

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