3 Ways to Target Audience Essay

“Three ways to define a Target Audience” This week I read an article on three ways to define “Target Audience”, I found this article to be very interesting because it was not too long and was very informative. For instance, Kivi Leroux Miller stated that marketing and fundraising that tries to reach public, really reaches few people at all. She also pointed out that the public includes newborns, elders, rich and poor, very wealthy and even homeless. She says that even if you wanted to you could not possibly reach all these people, so the best thing to do is focus on those people who matter to you becoming successful.

The first way is basic demographics, which is answering some simple questions or actually researching some basics. Some of these basics are questions like, “Are most of your target audience men or women? ” What age are they, do they live or work in a certain environment, income or education, ethniticity or how they spend their time. Many other questions fall under this category we just need to choose which ones are more important. Researching this takes us one-step closer to finding our Target Audience. By their Behaviors would be the second way.

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3 Ways to Target Audience Essay
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Research what certain groups of people are doing or not doing that relates to your cause. She gives a very good example telling us how we could get a business to donate products to a fundraising auction. First, brainstorm about fifty local businesses to ask. Then separate the businesses by those who have donated before and those who have not. Lastly “By the Stages of Change”, When you are trying to get people to modify their lives in significant ways the stages of change is a great way to breakdown your target audience into smaller groups.

This is often used in social marketing. There are five stages to this step, which are pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and lastly maintenance and relapse prevention. This article was unique to me because it was on targeting an audience for fundraising. Fundraising can be a very hard business. Finding companies to help along a fundraiser can also be difficult. With the steps from this article, I know now that at least I would know where to start if ever I decided to do a fundraiser.


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