3m Optics Systems Essay

3M Should Paul Guehler approve the Authorization for Expenditure for the new privacy screen if Andy Wong sends it up to him? First two attempts of Wong’s team to launch new product crushed. First of all, it can be because of false assumptions (“dangerous assumptions”) that were made by team. That’s why we can conclude that level of uncertainty for new security screeen is rather high and Optic System doesn’t see all opportunities and threats. There is no relevant marketing research for new product. Two main advantages that were found by Noirjean are not sufficient to beat competitors.

So, it can be that two risks “Existing Competition” and “Emerging Competitors” that were estimated as low risk are much higher. In Fact 3M doesn’t offer a unique product with non- established market and channels of distribution. Several companies have strong position on the market. The next point that is not positive towards new 3M’s filters is retail price which is much higher than competitors can offer. So, I believe Optics Systems division has not much credits to continue developing new privacy screen.

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3m Optics Systems Essay
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The resources from OS should be allocated to different department inside Safety & Security Systems division. What should Wong & Guehler’s roles be in enhancing corporate entrepreneurship at 3M? Andy Wong and Paul Guehler first of all should motivate their employee. There are several things they can do both: provide their people challenges, freedom, resources, work-group features, supervisory encouragement and organizational support. The difference in management level of Wong and Guehler make them to concentrate on some particular things.

Wong as a division leader and should develop individuals inside his group and support their every day activity. Besides, it is crucial for him to ensure expertise and manage cross functional teams. He is responsible for best practices across unit and making the difference between short-term goals and long-term visions. Guehler is a VP and manages several companies divisions. His role encompasses to challenge assumptions provided for new product, understand horizon of new opportunities and have feeling of choosing the right things.

Guehler allocates resources and gives green light for the projects. Furthermore, Guehler is responsible for culture building, while Wong for strengthen the mainstream of the company. What makes 3M perhaps the most entrepreneurial large company in the world? Expertise, creative-thinking skills and motivation are intersected perfectly inside the company. Expertise is built by means of numerous of professionals in lots of fields. And the most important is that everybody in the company was ready provide his/her expertise towards any new opportunity.

Creative thinking is what the company is famous for. There no answers such as “no”, there is always “let’s try it! ” or “how can we make money with this? ”. Most of employee are passion about their work in the company because mostly of them are intrinsic motivated. They do have enough resources (15% of time they devote to what they want), they fell themselves as a part of the team. So, the spirit inside the company and management strategy is all about the success of 3M as an innovating company.


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