3rd Grade Rocks and Soil Study Guide

Term Definition
humus Material in soil produced by the decomposition of vegetable/animal matter that is needed to fertilize the soil
geology The study of the earth, its history and its rocks
minerals All rocks are made of two or more of these
sand This has large grains with space between grains. It has a rough texture.
clay This has small grains. Water does not move through this easily, and it can be sticky.
topsoil A layer of soil made of decomposed plant and animal material; it is the best soil for growing plants.
soil Loose material that covers much of the earth's surface
loam Soil that contains equal amounts of sand, silt and clay
sedimentary Formed in layers; pressed together over years
igneous Formed when magma cools above or below the ground
metamorphic Formed when rocks are changed by heat or pressure

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