3rd grade Science Standard 2 Utah

Question Answer
A container filled with water and water plants and animals. Aquarium
A weather condition that includes temperature, rain, snow, and wind. Climate
Animals that sleep at night and are awake in the day. Diurnal
Interaction of the living and non-living things in an area. Environment
The place where a plant or animal lives. Habitat
A layer of fur, hair, skin, or feathers that protects the body. Insulation
Things acting upon one another. Interaction
Able to grow, reproduce, and move. Living
Water. Moisture
Animals that sleep in the day and awake at night. Nocturnal
Not able to grow, reproduce, or move. Nonliving
See or sense with careful study. Observe
Anything that is living. Organism
Something small in size. Small-scale
To stay alive. Survive
How hot or cold something is. Temperature
A container with soil where land plants and animals are kept. Terrarium

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