3rd hour science

Question Answer
what is the first part of Science physics
what is the second part of Science chemistry
what is the third part of Science earth space
final part of science is biology
what do subatomic particles make up atoms
what do molecules make up organelles
what does unicellular mean seen with microscope
multicellular seen with eyes
what does C,H,O,P,N stand for Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus
what do unicellular form do not form tissues
reproduction of how many 1 to 2
what does multi-cellular form forms tissues
does Multi-Cellular reproduce yes
what does reproduction form meiosis and fertilization
3 main parts of the cells are zygote, diploid, and haploid
how is reproduction formed asexually
in the unicellular what happens one benefits and one is harmed
in the multi-cellular what happenss both organisms benefit
what do tissues make up the organs of the organ system
what does 1 cell split too 2 cells
your population makes up the community
the community makes up the the ecosystem
The multi cellular gametes are formed sexually
what is in fats C, H, O
what is in proteins C, H, O, P, N

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