4th Grade Rocks and Minerals

Question Answer
Formed from liquid rock Igneous Rock
Formed from Heat and Pressure Metamorphic Rock
Formed from layers of sediment being pressed together Sedimentary Rock
Hardness is determined by observing the ease or difficulty which one mineral is scratched by another
luster refers to how light is reflected from the surface of a mineral. The two main types are metallic and nonmetallic.
Cleavage breaks into pieces with straight lines
Fracture breaks with jagged edges
Streak Color of crushed mineral powder. It may be different than color of the mineral.
physical weathering breaking down of rock by wind, water, ice, temperature change, and plants
erosion movement of rock by gravity, wind, water, and ice
magma liquid rock inside the earth
lava liquid rock that flows outside the earth
metamorphic means changed
humus decaying pieces of plants and animals
organic meansfrom living things
inorganic means from nonliving things
Rocks are made up of one or more minerals

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