4th Grade Science

Term Definition
What is the path of digestion? Stomach > Esophagus> Stomach> Small Intestine> Large Intestine
Nutrient A substance in food that the body uses for growth, for energy an repairs.
Digestion The changing of food into forms that the body can use.
Saliva The liquid in the mouth that wets chewed food.
Enzymes A chemical that causes changes in food as digestion takes place.
Esophagus Another name for the food tube that connects the mouth to the stomach.
Large Intestine The organ that temporarily stores parts of the undigested food.
Stomach The bag-like organ whose digestive juices changes food into a thick, soupy liquid
Small Intestine The organ where most digestion takes place
Salivary glands The pair of gland that make liquid in the mouth.
Four parts of blood Plasma
Red Blood Cells
White Blood Cells
Platelets The part of blood that helps stop bleeding
White blood cells The part of blood that fight against germs.
Veins Large vessels that takes blood back to the heart.
Right ventricle One of two spaces in the heart that pumps blood out of the heart.
Capillaries Tiny blood vessels with very thin walls.
Red blood cells The part of blood that carries oxygen to body cells.
Teeth Cuts, grind, and crushes food while mixing it with saliva
What is the food tube? Esophagus
How long is the esophagus? Two feet long
How long does it take the small intestine to digest food? 3-6 Hours
How long is the small intestine (if uncurled) 23 feet long (or 7 meters)
Name the three kinds of blood vessels. Arteries
What is the function of the digestive system? To process food
Why does your body need food? For energy and maintenance
What is the job of plasma? The part of the blood that help stop bleeding

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