5 Moral Principles Essay

Same Gender Marriage My 5 Moral Principles Equality Amongst All Human Beings Principles of Right and Wrong Principles of Life Principles of Individuality Principles of Religion Same Gender Marriage Equality Amongst All Human Beings- There is no violation in equality amongst all human beings. Because everyone has the right to do what they want with their life. As human beings we are all equal to make our own choices. Whether that may be to be married civilly or in common law.

Principles of Right and Wrong- We have no right to say whether the couple is right or wrong in what they have divided to do with their lives. It is the individual’s right to choose whom it is that they would like to spend their life with. Nobody likes to be told whom they have to live the rest of their life with. Principles of Life- There is no threat to life in this scenario, because they are not able to conceive another human being. In same gender marriages life cannot really move on, because giving birth is not possible between the two.

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Unless a donor is involved. Principles of Individualism- As I have said before each individual has the right to choose whom to spend their life with. It is no one else’s business what it is they do of their life. Principles of Religion- In religious principles everything is in the contrary. For example, in The Roman Catholic Religion like in many others same gender marriages are no acceptable. It is believed that god made both man and women for each other. And it is a sin to have and other kind of relationship besides a man and women.

Going against this is said to have consequences. It is said that people with same gender marriage have no path to heaven for going against god’s will. I am not the one to say whether this is moral or immoral. I am not the one to judge the human beings. They are free to make their own choices, and they should not have to live with what are other people are going to say. Whatever people do behind closed doors is their business, when it comes to whom you want to live with.


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