5th Grade Practice of Science Vocabulary

Question Answer
OBSERVATION Information about the natural world gathered through the senses and/or scientific instruments.
DATA Measurements or observations collected and recorded in an experiment or investigation.
INVESTIGATION An organized scientific study of the natural world that may include making observations, asking questions, gathering information, analyzing data, summarizing results, drawing conclusions, and/or communicating results.
INFERENCE An explanation based on past experience or evidence that is not directly observed.
PREDICTION To state what one thinks will happen under certain conditions based on data or observation.
HYPOTHESIS When a scientist predicts the answer to the scientific question.
EXPERIMENT A scientific test or procedure that is carried out under controlled conditions to answer a scientific question.
VARIABLE Anything that can change in an experiment.
CONTROL GROUP A group in a scientific experiment that serves as a reference for comparison to the experimental group; A group that is untreated by the factor being tested.
CONCLUSION An explanation about what the data from an investigation showed.

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