6 Levels of Organization Essay

There are 6 levels of structural organization. We first begin with the chemical level which consists of atoms and molecules, which then combine together to form cells (the basic unit of life) this is known as the cellular level of organization. These cells will come together to form the next level of organization known as Tissue. After that tissue will join together creating organs; the very next level of organization.

Organs all perform a particular function individually, but when there is more than one organ performing a similar purpose this creates a system; there are 11 systems in this level of organization in the human body. Finally all those systems will come together to create the most unique form of life the Human Body. Now let us look at each structure of life individually, starting with the first level of organization the chemical level. The chemical level consists of atoms and molecules. Five of these atoms are vital for maintaining human life.

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6 Levels of Organization Essay
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Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and calcium are just a few of the atoms that are essential for the survival of the human body. When these atoms combine they form what is known as molecules. These molecules will form together to form cells. At the cellular level is where “life” really starts to begin. Cells are the essential structures of all living organisms. The tissue level follows the cellular level being made up of 4 basic types of tissues epithelial, connective, muscular ad nervous tissues. These tissues will form organs such as the stomach, liver, pancreas, small and large intestine.

All these organs individually have a specific job, but the organs listed above also work together to create the digestive system. Different Organs will come together to form different systems in the human body, such as the nervous system, integumentary system, and skeletal system. Without these systems we cannot reach the next level of organization being the individual human. Not one level of organization is any more important than the next, however the higher the level of organization the more complex the structures become.


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