6 Types of Joints With Examples

Term Definition
Hinge allows extension and
retraction of an appendage. (Elbow, Knee)
Ball and Socket allows for radial
movement in almost any direction. They
are found in the hips and shoulders.
(Hip, Shoulder)
Gliding bones slide past
each other. Mid-carpal and mid-tarsal
joints are gliding joints. (Hands, Feet)
Saddle This type of joint occurs when the
touching surfaces of two bones have both
concave and convex regions with the shapes of
the two bones complementing one other and
allowing a wide range of movement. (Thumb)
Pivot Rotational movement, the rounded bone moves around its own axis (1st and 2nd vertebra of neck)
Condyloid This permits movement in two planes, allowing flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, and circumduction.
(Between metacarpal and phalanges)

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