6th grade science

Question Answer
bits of information gathered with your senses observations
a statement that can be tested -usually written as an IF-THEN statement hypothesis
trial of an experiment where everything is kept "normal" so that it can be used for comparison to other trials of the experiment control
explanations or judgements of observations that we make using our prior knowledge inferences
step-by-step process of problem solving scientific method
the factor being measured in an experiment – the result dependent variable
process of trying to understand the world science
factors kept the same during an experiment to make the experiment a "fair" test constants
the factor you change in an experiment independent variable
question you don't know the answer to scientific problem
scientists do MANY of these to make sure they have the most accurate results possible trials
What you are trying to understand or solve a problem
data that has to do with NUMBERS quantitative data
data that has to do with observations and can NOT be counted qualitative data
a summary of what was learned from data that was measured and recorded in an experiment make conclusions
1-question/problem 2-hypothesis 3-experiment/observe/collect data 4-analyze results 5-make conclusions steps of the scientific method

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