7 Stories Plot Line Essay

The play opens on the outside of an apartment building, presumably on the seventh floor, with Man standing on a ledge considering jumping. He is just about to jump when the window beside him opens and Charlotte and Rodney are wrestling over his wallet. Rodney begins to strangle her when the man interrupts and asks him to release her. They then notice Man on the ledge. We learn through their bickering that Rodney is married and a lawyer and Charlotte is a poet who is having an affair with him. Eventually Rodney has had enough of her blabbering and holds a gun to her head and tells her to get inside.

She calmly excuses herself and slowly closes the window. Then a shot goes off! Jennifer opens her window above Man at a party and asks if there was gunfire? She chats with Man until Leonard opens his window in his pyjamas and tells her to shut up. She continues to talk nonsense so Leonard closes his window again. Jennifer then talks to Man about how SHE has considered jumping off a ledge. When he doesn’t talk to her, she gets bored and returns to the party. Leonard returns and Man tries to convince him to call the police there has been someone shot next door to him.

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7 Stories Plot Line Essay
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Leonard refuses on the basis he did not hear a shot and the police will declare him insane. They talk in circles as Leonard becomes more and more paranoid until he falls asleep at the window. Man knocks on the couples window and finds out from Rodney it was the wall he hit. We hear Charlotte inside amused by his concern. Rodney slams the window shut and wakes Leonard. Leonard and Man continue to talk in circles about conspiracy and whether Leonard is insane. We find out that Leonard is a psychiatrist. After Leonard closes his window again, Marshall goes out on the ledge in a tux to have a smoke.

He notices Man and offers him one, so Man moves along the ledge to get it when Leonard returns, and does another crazy conversation before he closes the window again. Marshall then tells man he is in disguise and is getting married in half an hour to a very rich woman. They are interrupted as Charlotte asks for help and Marshall is called for by Effie the flower girl. Charlotte tells Man how her and Rodney try to kill each other to keep their relationship exciting and then leaves again. Marshall returns and they talk about the killing couple. We also learn he is a bad actor who has given up the business to take on his new role as Marshall.

Joan and Michael open another window, struggle over a vase till it breaks then Michael said it had to go because it didn’t match their decor and they leave. Marshall explains how he met his fiancee and how other actors play his family. After Marshall leaves we get a quick glance of Rachel before Leonard reappears and offers Man uppers and downers, before he disappears. Rachel returns and attempts to play God to a tenant on the sixth floor. Percy opens up the party window and talks about what the in crowd is doing these days, before he returns to his party. Rachel and Man have a big discussion about God and the devils existence.

Rachel then tells him of her terrible life and cries. Joan opens the window and talks with Mitchell about fabric until Rachel’s cries interrupt. Joan tries to get a second opinion on the fabric which insults Michael so they both retreat. Rachel then tries to pray for Man, but he stops her so she leaves. Joan and Michael talk about Man as if he wasn’t there. Michael gets insulted when Man interrupts their discussion and leaves. We find out from Joan that Michael is an artist with strong opinions on decorating. Percy opens the window and claims he is bored to death at the party.

They discuss suicide and Joan leaves. Percy and Man then discuss friends until Jennifer sticks her head out from the party. Al sticks his head out the window and joins in the conversation. We find out that Al is the host, then Percy makes his excuses and leaves. Jennifer says she is going to crash another party, invites both men and goes. Al and Man discuss how Al hates to have parties. Nurse Wilson opens a new window and yells at Al to turn down the music. He encourages her to call the police so his party will end and she leaves. Al then realizes that Man is considering jumping when Nurse returns.

Al is trying to convince Man not to jump and Nurse is doing the opposite. Nurse’s patient, Lillian (an old lady) asks about Albert the bird from inside the apartment and Nurse informs her of Man’s intentions to jump. Nurse and Man discuss her career and how she is not friendly for a “humanitarian”. Lillian comes to the window and we find out she is 100 years old and says Nurse just pretends she doesn’t care. Nurse leaves and Lillian discusses her past and how Albert was a pigeon. She gets lost in her memory and then Man goes on about how he came to be on the buildings ledge.

He was about to jump when she remembered a story, so she tells him it. Lillian tries to convince him to fly rather then jump when the Police arrive. Lillian says “Go” and the police say “Stop” and the man jumps and lands with aid of his umbrella on the building across the street. Four people appear from the second building saying they saw the whole thing and tried to figure out the meaning of the nights adventures. The Man flies back to his original spot to find his elderly friend has died from Nurse. He decides that he has to forget everything and plunges to his death.


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