7th Grade Science - The Excretory System

filters out wastes, toxins, and excess water from the blood
Function of excretory system
Parts of the excretory system
Parts of the excretory system
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7th Grade Science – The Excretory System
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major organ of the excretory system, the kidneys remove waste from the blood (the kidneys are made up of millions of nephrons, which are the basic unit of the kidney)
Function of kidneys
tubes that connect each kidney to the bladder
Function of ureters
a muscular sac like organ which stores waste called urine until it is released from the body
Function of the bladder
a tube through which urine passes as it is being removed from the body.
Function of the urethra
Approximately 1 liter
How much water is lost through your urine each day?
waste (in the form of urine)
What do your kidneys remove?

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