8th Grade Greek/Latin List 1

Question Answer Example
ab- Latin – away from abduct
ad- Latin – toward adduct
ambi- Latin – on both sides ambidextrous
ante- Latin – before anteroom
bi- Latin – two, twice bilateral, bicycle
amphi Greek – both amphibian
di- Greek – two divide
anti Greek – against antisocial
tri- Greek – three triple, tricycle
a, an Greek – without, not anaerobic, atypical
chlor- Greek – green chlorophyll
-itis Greek – swelling tendonitis
-osis Greek – condition scoliosis
ped Latin – foot pedal, millipede
pedi Greek – child pediatrician
dec/decem Latin – ten decagon, December
exemplia gratia – e.g. Latin – for example
gam Greek – marriage monogamous
id est – i.e. Latin – that is, in other words
novem Latin – nine November

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