8th Grade Greek/Latin List 6

Term Definition Example
meter, metry Greek – measure speedometer
mis Greek – error, bad misplaced
morphe Greek – shape morphology
-logy Greek – study of biology
herba Latin – plants herbal, herbivore
cresc Latin – grow crescendo
heteros Greek – different, other heterogeneous, heterozygous
homo Latin – man Homo sapiens, hominid
homos, homeos Greek – alike, same homogeneous, homozygous
fac, fact Latin – to make manufacture
anter- Latin – before, forward anterior
alb Latin – white albino
adip Latin – fat adipose tissue
bacill Latin – rod-shaped bacillus (bacterium)
bar Greek – weight, pressure bariatric surgery, barometer
q.e.d. (quad erat demonstrandum) Latin – which has been shown or proved
R.I.P. (requiescat in pace) Latin – rest in peace
re Latin – regarding, thing
cf. Latin – compare
viz. (videlicet) Latin – namely

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