8th Grade Greek/Latin List 7

Term Definition Example
de Latin – down from degrade, defame
dis Latin – apart (negates a word) disagree
e, ex Latin – out of emit, exit, example
hyper Greek – above, beyond hyperactive
hypo Greek – below, under hypodermic
poly Greek – many polydactyl
phon Greek – sound telephone
scope Greek – see telescope
tox Greek – poison toxic, toxin
andro Greek – male androgynous
h.s. (hora somni) Latin – at bedtime/hour of sleep
p.c. (post cibum) Latin – after food
Rx Latin – recipe prescription
stat (statim) Latin – immediately
t.i.d. (ter in die) Latin – three times daily
ad hoc Latin – for this purpose ad hoc committee
ad infinitum Latin – forever, endlessly
ad nauseam Latin – to the point of nausea
alma mater Latin – kindly mother
alumnus/alumna Latin – graduate of a school male/female

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