8th Grade Greek/Latin List 8

Term Definition Example
hex, hexa Greek – six hexagon
hepta Greek – seven heptagon
octa Greek – eight octopus
deci Greek – ten decimeter
hippo Greek – horse hippocampus
pota Greek – water hippopotamus
flex Latin – bend flexible
fract Latin – break fracture
hydro Greek – water hydrology
trophe Greek – to feed or eat autotroph, heterotroph
blast Greek – precursor cell osteoblast
aur Latin – ear auricle
angi Greek – (blood) vessel angiogram
carcin Greek – cancer carcinogenic
supra Latin – above supraorbital
ante bellum Latin – before the war
carpe diem Latin – seize the day
cum laude Latin – with praise
e pluribus unum Latin – one from many
ex officio Latin – from the office

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