8th Grade Greek/Latin List 9

Term Definition Example
non Latin – not nonaggressive
ob Latin – against obliterate
re Latin – again, back replay, return
sub Latin – under, smaller subway, subspecies
super Latin – over supervise, superior
trans Latin – across transcontinental
-able, -ible, -ile Latin – able to be flexible, reliable
unus Latin – one
duo Latin – two
tres Latin – three
bronch- Greek – related to lungs bronchitis
caud- Latin – tail, lower end caudal fin (fish)
erythros Greek – red erythrocyte (red blood cell)
chem Greek – chemical, chemistry
chondr- Greek – cartilage Chondrichthyes (sharks)
ex tempore Latin – out of time (spur of the moment)
habeas corpus Latin – you have the body reveal the charge
Homo sapiens Latin – wise man
in loco parentis Latin – in place of a parent
in memoriam Latin – in memory

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