8th grade mr. Hardy

Question Answer
Eon Longest subdivision in the geologic time scale that is based on the abundance of certain types of fossils and is subdivided into eras
Epoch Next smaller division of geologic time scale is subdivided into periods is characterized by differences I life forms that may very regionally
Era Second longest division in geologic time is subdivided into periods and is based on major worldwide changes in types of fossils
Geologic time scale Divisions of earths history into time units based largely on the types of life forms that lived only during certain periods.
Natural selection Process by which organisms that are suited to a particular environment are better able to survive and reproduce then organisms that are not
Organic evolution Change of organism over geologic time
Pangea Large ancient land mass that was composed of all the continents joined together
Period Third longest division of geologic time is subdivided into epochs and is characterized by the types of life that existed worldwide
Species Group of organism that reproduces only with other members of their own group
Trilobite Organism with a three-lobed exoskeleton that was abundant in Paleozoic oceans and is considered to be an index fossil

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