8th grade Science Measurement

Question Answer
What is the Metric System? System of measurement based on the number 10.
What is SI? International System of Units
What is length? The distance from one point to another.
What is mass? A measurement of the amount of matter an object contains.
What is weight? The measurement of how much gravity force is acting on an object.
What is volume? The measurement of how much space an object takes up.
What is a meniscus? The curve at the top of the graduated cyinder.
What is Density? The measurment of how much mass is contained in a given volume.
cm centimeter
kg kilograms
dL deciliters
hm hectometers
dag dekagrams
mg milligrams
What is the basic unit of mass? Killograms
What is the basic unit of length? meters
How are mass and weight different? Mass is how much matter is an object contains and weight is how much force gravity is putting on the object.
What is the basic unit of time? Seconds
What is a Conversion Factor? An equation that shows how two units of measurement are related.

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