A Business Report on Artin Child Care Company Essay

Executive sum-up

Artin Child Care Company provides twenty-four hours services from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. They care for kids from babies to preschools kids. IT provides safe and convenient topographic point for childs to better their accomplishments under supervising of adept people. Artin Child Care Company intends to supply high quality services by engaging adept staff. The company provides organic nutrients to childs and piano category and swimming category for childs above 2 old ages old. Company’s purpose is to heighten their place in north London kid twenty-four hours attention market by supplying their employees with an honest and supportive working environment, where each employee can give themselves to supplying first-class service to the clients. Parents will be certain that their childs are in safe topographic point which improves kids’ accomplishments.

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A Business Report on Artin Child Care Company Essay
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Business Introduction

Company background:

Artin Child Care is a new company meaning to come in the kid day care concern. The company construct was developed over a period of one month by several concern associates holding many old ages of experience in the kid day care industry. The two proprietors decided to set up this company and supply higher quality in comparison with other kid attention companies in the aria. Stockholders are educated in kid psychological science and concern. The Child Care Company serves organic healthy nutrient and clasp swimming and picture categories, piano classs and manus trade categories.

Product and service:

Artin Child Care is a new established company which has two stockholders who decided to supply twenty-four hours services to babies to preschool childs ( Maximal 6 old ages old ) . The company is located near to university and it is a good chance to absorb clients who study in that university and have childs. The hr work of company is from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Therefore employee parents can utilize this service every bit good. The services include indoor games, out-of-door games, swimming pool, piano categories, painting categories, manus trade categories and nutrient.

Size of the concern, office equipment and forces:

There is a 1,800 sq. ft. house in a quiet, residential vicinity. The pace is to the full fenced in, to guarantee no 1 can either come in or roll off. The pace will be furnished with safe, entertaining plaything ; some sand land that childs can play safe. It has a swimming pool on the 2nd floor every bit good. The house is equipped for functioning repasts and rainy-day’s activities. It besides contains playthings, games, and books for the amusement of the kids. The company is to the full furnished with couch, beds, Television, cupboards and it has to the full equipped kitchen with two chefs. There is five staff that works with childs ; each staff is responsible for six childs. The company hired two swimming teachers ( one of them is life guard ) , one piano teacher, and one manus trade teacher. The entire figure of staff with two cleaners and one director is 16 but some of them work hourly. Staffs who deal with childs are mature and educated and have first-aid certification.

Organizational Plan

Ownership and stockholders:

Artin Child Care is owned by John Adams and Suzy Sians.


In the following 12 months the company intends to open for concern and to implement a targeted advertisement run. The company anticipates 10 per centum one-year gross growing and at the terminal of five old ages the company anticipates gross gross of ?250,000 yearly.

Company direction construction

Artin Child Care is managed by a squad of persons dwelling of all of the ownership spouses. All spouses participate in pull offing the company.

Experience and preparation of each of the company proprietors and principals

John is one of the establishing proprietors of Artin Child Care. Suzy has worked for 20 old ages in kid attention and day care. He spent the last 8 old ages pull offing a local day care. During this period he besides completed a concern direction certification at State College.

Organizational timeline:

A remodeling program for the chosen location will be complete by May 1. Funding demands to be in topographic point by June 1 in order to take advantage of the current building season. Remodeling and redevelopments will get down June 1 and will be completed by August 15. Artin Child Care will open for concern on first of September. )

Company plus

Artin Child Care has purchased some new trappingss and fixtures with a resale value of ?15,000.

Primary merchandise of company

Artin Child Care will offer twenty-four hours attention services for babies done preschool every bit good as after school attention for ages 6 through 12. Varsity Child Care will supply to the full certified staff and a broad assortment of educational and fun activities.

Selling Plan

Target market:

The mark market for Artin Child Care is the immature households populating in the university territory. Varsity Child Care will aim immature parents traveling to university every bit good as immature parents working in the local country.

Business location:

The location for Varsity Child Care has ample parking and is ideally suited within the university territory to function the mark market.

Established custiomers:

Although Artin Child Care does non hold an bing client base, market analysis indicates that Artin Child Care should bask strong gross revenues from the identified markets.

Pricing scheme:

Artin Child Care will put pricing harmonizing to authorities guidelines. Based on these gross guidelines and staffing and rental costs, The company will necessitate mean monthly grosss of ?18,000 to interrupt even.

Ad scheme:

Artin Child Care will utilize newspaper advertisement in order to assist turn its standing in the market place.

Who are your rivals:

There no other twenty-four hours attention installations in the immediate country. Young households that live in the local community drive a important distance to do usage of twenty-four hours attention installations in other nearby communities.

Compare rivals schemes:

The company does non hold rivals in the immediate community but will hold to work hard to demo value and committedness in order to derive clients and market portion from bing ‘out-of-community ‘ rivals. This can be done through newspaper advertisement and besides through really cheap on-campus advertisement. Artin Child Care must pull a loyal client base by supplying kids with a lovingness and supportive environment.

Strength of your merchandise or concern:

Artin Child Care has selected a location that is speedy and convenient for clients in the university and environing territory. The company has besides made a committedness to supplying a supportive and caring environment that is critical in this market.

Weakness of your merchandise or concern:

Success forArtin Child Care depends on supplying lovingness, supportive service. It is of import that Artin is able to retain choice staff. Artin will develop and keep human resources policies designed to happen and retain good staff.

Opportunities of your merchandise:

The university pupil organic structure is projected to increase from 12,000 to 17,000 in the following five old ages. In add-on the proportion of mature pupils is besides expected to increase. These alterations will intend an addition in demand and direction is doing programs to run into this demand.

Menaces that might impact your venture:

Artin Child Care is at hazard from other larger rivals traveling into the local market. It must react to this menace by constructing a loyal client base by supplying a supportive and caring environment for its clients.

Daily operation:

The kid attention will be unfastened from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M Monday through Friday. At this clip, operations on weekends or statutory vacations is non being considered. A normal concern twenty-four hours will include recognizing kids as they are dropped off, supplying appropriate and piquant activities and supplying bites for the kids.

Operational installations:

Artin Child Care has selected a 2,200 square pes installation with a capacity for 30 kids. The installation consists of a little storage room, a kitchen and a big activities country.

Staffing demands:

Artin Child Care will use a care staff of three full-time staff to get down and one parttime bookkeeper. Care staff will be increased as needed to guarantee the proper staff-to-child ratio. The concern will be managed by the proprietors.


The company requires really small in the signifier of day-to-day supplies except for ready-made bites and ingredients to supply hot repasts. Varsity is in dialogues with a local nutrient jobber to provide merchandises and ingredients for hot tiffins harmonizing to a revolving bill of fare.

Company Capital demand:

Child Care company requires ?35,000 to cover the costs of redevelopment at the selected location. ?25,000 is besides required to cover wages and rent for the initial startup period. The proprietors will lend ?30,000 to cover these costs.

Net Capital Requirement: ?150,000.

Company capital refund program:

All debt duties related to this venture will be repaid within five old ages. Capital contributed by the proprietors will be considered ‘capital parts ‘ and will non be repaid.


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