A Case Study of Festac Town, Lagos




Chapter 1: Introduction


The province of the physical environment particularly in the urban centres, today is a major beginning of planetary concern. There is a larger concern for developing states like Nigeria. This is as a consequence of the fact that the urban environment greatly consists of man’s development. The safeguarding of the urban countries from human deleterious, physical, societal, economic and political activities should be man’s chief aim ( Ogundele, Ayo, Odewumi, & A ; Aigbe, 2011 ) .

Transformation is a alteration in signifier form and visual aspect ( WordWeb, 2012 ) . Transformation in this context is seen as the gradual alteration of a edifice in footings of signifier and usage of single infinites within a construction. Many edifices are capable to alter over clip ; this has inauspicious consequence on the persons populating within the locality. The edifice usage determines the form of life of the persons within and around it. Transformation can be in the signifier of altering of constructing frontages, add-on of infinites by the user to accommodate a peculiar demand. These changes to a edifice signifier on the inside would besides take to a alteration on the outside.

Transformation has been experienced in Nigeria over some clip. For case ; Lagos has undergone rapid transmutation to convey it to its current province. There has been obliteration of slums in order to supply fancifying landscapes in Lagos. There is still on-going building in Lagos as installations have been put in topographic point to guarantee the care of these new development strategies.

Transformation has occurred in several parts within Lagoss like Festac. These transmutations have come to be as a consequence of high population growing rate within Festac.

Most of these transmutations are done to supply for the demand of the lifting population


The Festac Houses were thrown unfastened the same twelvemonth that Nigeria hosted the 2nd World Black Festival of Arts and Culture in Lagos from January 15 to February 12, 1977. The Festival of Humanistic disciplines and Culture ( hence the name FESTAC ) placed Nigeria on the topographic point on the universe phase at that clip and the FESTAC houses readily provided adjustment to visitants from all over the universe ( Aderonmu, 2007 ) .

In May 1974 the Federal Housing Authority of the Federal Government of Nigeria engaged Doxiadis Associates to supply consulting services and to transport out certain surveies for a new country in greater Lagos which is intended to he developed as a residential country within clip frame of the National lodging programme.

The ultimate mark of the undertaking is to make a theoretical account residential community, to house every bit much as possible, the population of Lagos State supplying all installations and comfortss in maintaining with the constructs and criterions of modern life, and guaranting for its occupants, a high quality of life and environment.

Soon, Festac Town is being to the full harnessed as a residential community. But the inquiry arises as what extent the aims of the original construct has been achieved. The present survey examines this inquiry and evaluates the strategy, based on the original maestro program ( Adedokun, 2013 ) .


The maestro program for the full development of Festival Town ( FESTAC ) covers an country of about 1,770 hectares, and includes seven residential communities of 15,000-20,000 people each. The ultimate development was expected to suit a sum of 24,000 brooding units with a population of about 1 40,000 people ( Adedokun, 2013 ) . These units over clip have changed usage over clip and chiefly to organize more commercial mercantile establishments in topographic point of these constructions.

Festac is undergoing a signifier ofgentrification; this is the Restoration of creaky countries by the in-between category ( ensuing in the supplanting of low income abodes ) ( WordWeb, 2012 ) .

This forms the footing for my research as this plays a major function in the changes to the maestro program. This is a subscriber to the transmutation of edifices within Festac, altering it to a assorted usage colony.


In order to help the communicating of Ti research undertaking, some inquiries need to be answered for the success completion of this survey ;

  • What was the purpose behind the development of Festac Town?
  • What was the initial construct of the maestro program
  • At what clip did changes get down in Festac
  • What is the form of transmutation in Festac?
  • What is the ground for change to the maestro program?
  • What is the consequence of these transmutations on persons populating about?

Provision of solution to these inquiries in the rating of this survey would connote a justified undertaking.


The chief purpose of this undertaking is to unveil through research the manner of transmutation of edifice constructions within Festac Town.

To help successful completion of this research, the undermentioned aims must be completed ;

  • Evaluation of the initial maestro program.
  • Designation of the current province of the estate ( bing development ) .
  • What alterations have occurred concentrating on 51RD and 52RD.

Over clip, development has occurred in Nigeria peculiarly in Abuja where a maestro program was conceived to give a well-organized layout for the Federal capital district ( FCT ) . Some edifices in the FCT which came to be outside the initial maestro program have been pulled down to guarantee they conform to the layout.

This is the footing for my research. It involves the rating of the initial maestro program of Festac as to the current state of affairs of its edifices at manus. It has been discovered that many of the edifices in the maestro program are being altered and this follows a peculiar form or tendency besides so many so these edifices have changed usage. There is a demand hence, for this to be examined.

  1. Scope OF STUDY

This survey is aimed at analyzing the job and chance of transmutation which is quickly happening in Festac Town. The survey carried out reveals that the organic structure in charge of Development Control and environmental direction include ; the Federal Housing Authority ( FHA ) and The Amuwo Odofin local authorities. The Federal lodging Authority is in charge of direction of the estate and they have control over physical development. However, The Amuwo Odofin Local authorities is in charge of waste direction, route care, and clearance drainage system.

For the intent of this exercising, my chief focal point will be on the physical development facet of Festac which is being handled by the Federal Housing Authority. It will imply a critical rating of the initial maestro program of Festac town ; peculiarly 22 RD and 52RD, its current province and doing comparings to see what constructions have been altered in footings of usage. All information gathered was from relevant literature and field survey carried out in the survey country.


In order to carry through the set purposes and aims of this survey, this research will imply a critical rating. The methods employed in this survey include the undermentioned ; instance survey, study method, aggregation of primary informations ( on-line resources, books, diaries and Literature reappraisal ) and aggregation of primary informations through interviews.


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