A Case Study On Pepsico Worldwide Commerce Essay

Pepsi-Cola was founded in the late1890 ‘s when a immature North Carolina druggist, Caleb Bradham formulated the imbibing and shortly began selling it in his sodium carbonate store. It was so called the Brad ‘s drink, made of carbonated H2O, sugar, vanilla, rare oils, pepsin and Cola nuts. It was in 1898 that Pepsi-Cola foremost became a branded soft drink and the company has grown to be the most recognized and successful trade name in the universe. It is a universe leader in convenient bites, nutrients and drinks with grosss of more than $ 60 billion and over 285,000 employees. The company consists of: Frito-Lay Company, the largest maker and distributer of snack french friess ; Pepsi-Cola Company, the largest soft drink concern and Tropicana Products, the largest seller and manufacturer of branded juice. PepsiCo trade names are among the best known and most respected in the universe and are available in approximately 190 states and districts. The Coca-Cola Company has historically been considered PepsiCo ‘s primary rival in the drink market. PepsiCo ‘s overall mission is to increase the value of our stockholders ‘ investings through gross revenues growing, investings and fiscal activities. PepsiCo believes their success depends upon the quality and value of their merchandises by supplying a safe, whole some, economically efficient and a healthy environment for their clients ; and by supplying a just return to their investors while keeping the highest criterions of unity.

3.2 Quality Beverages Limited ( QBL ) at Belle-Rose

It was in September 1955 that the Quality Beverages Limited ( normally known as the Pepsi Cola Industry ) , a member of the Currimjee Group, started concern in Mauritius as a manufacturer of soft-drinks. As a franchisee owned and operated company, it works under the licence of PepsiCo Inc. New York and is located at Belle-Rose. QBL is one of the two taking bottlers and distributers of soft drinks in Mauritius. The company now bottles and distributes a whole scope of drinks such as Pepsi Cola, Seven Up, Evervess sodium carbonate, Mirinda and many others, through a web of 9,000 retail mercantile establishments utilizing its ain fleet of 40 trucks. Since 1975, the company has won several awards for outstanding accomplishments in selling and quality excellence from PEPSICO International, including the Donald M. Kendall award for one-year per centum volume addition.

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A Case Study On Pepsico Worldwide Commerce Essay
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The mission statement of the Quality Beverages Ltd is as follows:

To stand out in the fabrication, selling and distribution of a broad scope of quality drinks.

To supply an first-class service to our clients and to take towards fulfilling the demands and aspirations of our clients.

To gain committedness of our people by supplying them with preparation and calling way chances to develop with the company.

To continuously better the well bring of our employees and at the same clip guarantee the best return for the stockholders.

The Quality Beverages Ltd provides a sum of around 800 people with employment. Finance, Administration & A ; Human Resource, IT & A ; Operations, Gross saless & A ; Marketing, Production, Quality Assurance and Purchasing & A ; Export are the different sections found at Quality Beverages Ltd ( Appendix B ) . The Administration & A ; Human Resource section responsibilities consist of enlisting of adept employees, wellness & A ; safety and security of the company. Mr. Harry Ramasawmy is the IT & A ; operations director and is responsible for the concern information systems and hardware and internal substructure of the company. The responsibility of the Purchasing & A ; Export consists of the procurement direction, local purchase and exports. Mr. Nasser Muhammad is the fiscal accountant and is responsible for the overall fiscal direction and control of concern, including production of fiscal studies, periodic reappraisal battalions and prognosiss.

3.3 Conditionss of employment at QBL

The work force is the strength of any organisation and every organisation tries to use the work force beginnings optimally for their fulfilment of the company objectives. The function of HR section is consultative since it advises the direction for effectual usage of human resources. It besides plans the work force by enrolling and choosing them and supplying them with sophisticated programmes. Chiefly the Human Resource section trades with employee related issues given below.

Recruitment and Choice

The Human Resource is chiefly responsible for enlisting of employees by carry oning a formal hiring in which interviews are conducted and other trials based on educational makings. The policy of QBL is to enroll the best qualified campaigners for the occupation. Careful consideration is given to ability, experience, preparation, involvement and aptitudes. It should be noted that the company does non know apart on spiritual or cultural evidences. Sometimes internal employees working at QBL are given the chance to use for other occupations within the company, given that they have the necessary makings.

Employee preparation and Development

QBL trains many of its employees including, new employees, directors and even senior directors. Training helps the employees to update and broaden their cognition in their several Fieldss. In return they will be greatest plus for QBL. On-the-job preparation is performed at QBL and this provides full chance to its employees to develop themselves and they are trained harmonizing to the demands of their occupations. The employees are trained about how to better their communicating accomplishments when speaking to clients over the phone.


A new employee ne’er feels like an foreigner at QBL. On the really first twenty-four hours itself, a responsible individual in the several section is assigned to steer the employee so that the latter feel at place in the organisation. The host gives necessary inside informations and replies any questions the employee may hold. In add-on to that, the host takes the employee for a visit within the company premises and meets the needed forces.

Probation period

As a new recruit, the individual will be on a probation period which usually ranges from 6 months to one twelvemonth, depending on the recommendation of the unit caput. During this period the company can set an terminal to the employee ‘s service at any clip on evidences of hapless public presentation with the appropriate legal notice.

Hours of work

Work starts at 8.30 a.m. and ends at 4.45 p.m. from Monday to Friday. There is a short interruption in the forenoon at 9.30 when tea or java is served in the kitchen. At 12.30 autopsy there is a long interruption of one hr. Finally, there is a last interruption at 3 in the afternoon enduring for 15 proceedingss. However, directors sometimes change the timings depending on the nature of work in their sections and handiness of mess-room topographic point.


Wage is based on makings, experience, duty degree and public presentation. All emoluments are paid at monthly intervals. Payment is effected either by hard currency or check or through direct recognition to the employees ‘ personal bank history. It is strongly recommended that the employees open a bank history when they join the company.

Employee keeping

Employee keeping is evidently of import in organisations to maintain the most gifted people in the organisation and avoid unwanted turnover. There exists a figure of tactics which help QBL to retain employees. Employees are provided with fiscal inducements such as rises and fillips and competitory benefit bundles like health care and company vehicles are besides offered. Furthermore, there is effectual feedback and unfastened communications between direction and employees. All these promote employees to stay within the organisation for a maximal period of clip.

Performance Appraisal

The advancements of employees are reviewed twice every twelvemonth and the section caput discuss that with them. The treatments cover the employees ‘ strong and weak points, possible advancement and demand fir developing. Such factors as analysis, opinion, part and accomplishment, creativeness and imaginativeness, development and growing are taken into history. If there is any instance of ailment about work during the twelvemonth, this is besides discussed with the employees.

3.4 Wagess at QBL

Outstanding employees who give their psyches and heads for the prosperity of the organisation must be adequately rewarded. Conscious about the priceless function of the human plus in achieving production marks, direction at QBL has devised an array of wages system which has the terminal aim of actuating its forces.

The different types of wagess offered at QBL consist of wage ; accomplishments based wage, personal fillip, loan strategies, employee benefits, allowances, publicity and acknowledgment.


QBL provides a salary construction which is good above the one recommended by the Remuneration Order Act. In fact, the bing construction is a par with the market wage.

The employees receive their wage on a monthly footing and this helps them to fulfill their basic demands and to run into their regular day-to-day disbursals.

In this manner, employees are encouraged to be committed while the company succeeds in accomplishing the duplicate ends of cut downing turnover and absenteeism.

Skills based wage

Skills based wage is adopted by QBL and this show that the organisation values its human plus. With clip employees get experience, accomplishments and more makings. Therefore, a extremely experient and qualified work force implies a more dynamic organisation. For any new accomplishment or making acquired employees are rewarded by an extra increase. The accomplishment based wage is a variable wage which adds to the basic wage of the employees. This greatly motivates the work force to larn more and further develop and function the organisation.


The fillip consists of the attending and regularity fillip. Attendance fillip refers to those employees who sign their attending sheet in clip and on a regular basis are given a monthly fillip of 5 % based on their basic wage. Regularity fillip are given to those employees who do non remove from work during the whole month, that is, chorus from taking any leave ( ill, holiday, local, pregnancy etc. ) on any twenty-four hours on which they are required to work, shall be entitled to a half month fillip.

Furthermore, at the terminal of the twelvemonth, employees are entitled to an terminal of twelvemonth fillip which is tantamount to 1/12 of their net incomes for that twelvemonth. This fillip uncludes basic wage and overtime but does non return such as traveling, one-year leave, ill leave and medical disbursals.

Subsistence allowance

Sometimes an employee has completed a normal twenty-four hours of work but he is required to make overtime to finish a piece of work. In this instance, he would in add-on to any wage due, be provided with a meal allowance of Rs. 50.00 per twenty-four hours. After that, there is a company conveyance which safely takes the employees place.

Loan strategies

Employees who have fiscal troubles can inquire for a loan at QBL. Under established processs, they are given installations to return in a given period of clip, which is relative to the sum of money borrowed. Normally, the employees are entitled to a maximal loan which equals to 3 months of their wage and the entire sum is refundable within a period non transcending 15 months.. It must be pointed out that this loan is free of involvement.

Medical strategies

There is besides free medical check-up available day-to-day at QBL. There is a particular general physician employed by the organisation and those manual workers and employees who are in demand of medical supervising receive free intervention. There are 20 medical signifiers offered daily at the forces section and the employees merely need to roll up them and seek medical aid. This is of great aid to the work force since they do non hold to travel elsewhere for intervention.

Refund of coach menu

The coach menus of employees are refunded if the distance between employees ‘ abode and QBL exceeds 2 stat mis.


Promotion is another wages technique adopted by QBL to actuate employees. For any vacant station at QBL, an internal advertizement is made. Priority is given to measure up and experienced internal workers. They are so farther trained to presume their new occupation. However, in the event that there is no eligible internal staff, external enlisting is so carried out.

Company vehicles

During weekends and public vacations company autos and new waves are at the disposal of employees after holding formulated a demand good in progress. Hence, the employees can salvage the cost of a cab or contract auto and entertain their week-ends better.


The full work force is entitled to 2 bottles of soft drinks daily. Furthermore, at the terminal of each month the employees receive two crates of soft drink.

Annual Employee Day

The Annual employee Day is besides held at QBL. After a difficult twelvemonth ‘s work, employees are assembled for an terminal of twelvemonth party at the disbursal of the company. This is a minute of great joy which is awaited by one and all. It is more of a household assemblage where co-workers run into, discourse, cleft gags and portion anecdotes. Another acknowledgment is outing. The company besides finances an excursion which is organized every twelvemonth. This helps in giving a interruption to the work force which, as usual, is invariably being solicited.

Come out of the closeting

The company besides finances an excursion which is organized every twelvemonth. This helps in giving a interruption to the work force which as usual is invariably being solicited.

Funeral grant

A amount of money is granted in instance of a decease of a member of the employee ‘s household ( female parent, male parent, married woman or kid ) . This enables the employee to execute the funeral rites decently.


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