A contextual analysis of the third year production of the musical Watertight Essay

A Contextual analysis of the 3rd twelvemonth production of the Musical Watertight


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A contextual analysis of the third year production of the musical Watertight Essay
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In the undermentioned certification, I shall be turn toing and discoursing the procedure and development within the musical Watertight and the student’s production particulars. Therefore, get downing with and including an overview of the musical and the demands, fostering on to later conclude with an rating and include any complications the squad were addressed with. This musical, which was performed at the University of Central Lancashire, on the day of the months get downing the 24Thursdayof March to the 29Thursdayby a group of 3rd twelvemonth pupils for their concluding twelvemonth show, was written by Playwright, Douglas Maxwell and composed by Richard Taylor.

Richard and manager Roger Haines attended the university with purpose to accommodate the original musical for a larger dramatis personae of 24, with the book being originally written for 16 musical theater pupils in Scotland, hence, in order for the content within the linguistic communication to be understood right, Douglas made the determination to rewrite and spread out his work. The musical is categorised as a slaying enigma and contains 13 suspects, two inspectors, a community support office and eight housemans.

Purposes and Purposes

Watertight, intending to “have no defects or loopholes” ( Answers.com, 2014 ) is referred to as something impossible to blame, an illustration including an alibi. A watertight alibi is pre rehearsed by those who may necessitate one in order to prefect it. Each individual hence would hold to declaim what was described word for word to avoid prosecution, hereby merely uncovering the simple things.

The musical Watertight is based around a affluent concern adult male named, John Paul Abraham who passes off in a fire during his birthday party at his sign of the zodiac. It is non evident as to how he died, nevertheless there were 13 invitees at the party that were down by the barn at the clip of his decease. Each individual is a suspect and together join forces an alibi to conceal the truth, two officers and a community service officer arrive on scene after hearing intelligence of the decease and each suspect is questioned throughout the musical. This giving penetration into what truly happened including a multiple of flashbacks, in which the audience are introduced to a multiple of housemans of Abraham industries, the scenes of the housemans were thought to add light-heartedness and comedic elements into a dark piece of theater.

The piece was collaborated together and aimed to appeal to a broad scope of audiences nevertheless due to the content ; it was advised that immature kids may non go to if their parents did non accept cursing. Upon the findings into the significance of Watertight it was decided that the public presentation would be played in the unit of ammunition. By making this, it was found that due to the audience being within a few inches off, it created a sense of insecurity for both the histrions and the audience, hereby adding farther question within the scenes. The dramatis personae intended to maintain the audience on the border of their seats oppugning the secret plan therefore we aimed for the public presentation to be at a fixed gait without an interval. I was given the function of the intern Middle East, with a production function in costume. During the procedure I aimed to convey a figure of accomplishments that were required in a professional environment to the dry run, this including, vocally and physically and creatively, hence utilizing these accomplishments to lend to the administration of the production.

Contextual analysis

On the first twenty-four hours of dry run the dramatis personae were introduced to Douglas Maxwell in order for a read through of the book including a opportunity to turn to any inquiries. This allowed for the dramatis personae to derive the true apprehension within the piece. After determinations were put onto paper the procedure began and an hearing procedure was requested necessitating a vocal fostering on with a soliloquy and text hearing taken place the undermentioned twenty-four hours, the dramatis personae was decided upon and dry runs began. I and seven other misss were chosen for the portion of the housemans which involved us to be present in two scenes throughout the public presentation. Due to this non being a bulk, Roger made a determination that they would duplicate up when non on phase as an ensemble or question and involved in the transmittal of set.

After hearing about an question term the procedure began for my characters, it was suggested that each ensemble member would have on inkinesss and a impersonal half mask to conceal the face, taking their individuality, fostering to stand for a collective. After researching into this response, it appeared that the housemans, as ensemble, gave resemblance to a Grecian chorus, due to ne’er come ining the phase infinite unless traveling set. A Grecian chorus was said to be costumed work forces that perform in the ‘dancing floor’ , this being below the phase. In a figure of scenes they would detect the piece and remark on the agreements of the performing artists.

The public presentation was decided as before stated to be in the unit of ammunition and hence the format and placement was unusual to each performing artist, alternatively of angling the organic structure you would necessitate to understand the strongest points within the phase when turn toing a address. This allowed for the whole audience to see and understand the narrative. This without pattern became troublesome for the group due to holding to include an audience with four sides. It was advised that the points most effectual were that of the farthest corners adjacent to the entrywaies to the phase. Due to each scene affecting a multiple of characters at one clip, the reconciliation needed to be adhered to, intending one motion of a character would throw off the balance, this therefore needing in another character to antagonize that motion maneuvering off from bunching. It was extremely of import that each member of the audience saw at least one face within each scene, hence degrees were introduced.

A multiple of chairs and church benchs were situated on phase at different angles, in order to avoid consecutive lines. During the housemans scene each of us were given specific placement, it was required that when we addressed a line we would necessitate to play to each character on the phase, hence, it was necessary that they were located at every inch of the infinite, leting us to turn to one another affecting the audiences position. In order for this to be possible, Roger staged the piece whist watching from different parts of the audience infinite, this allowed any accommodations to be made in footings of guaranting their position is non blocked. Another purpose for the piece, as before stated, was that of the housemans being ensemble. In a multiple of scenes the chairs would necessitate to be taken on and off the phase and hence the housemans were needed to make so, including going portion of the question.

The interns themselves, to get down with, were all advised to look the same in footings of frocks, hair and make-up, this therefore resembling my old premise of a Grecian chorus. When reading through the scenes it became clear that the housemans scenes were brassy dorsums, in which delivered the audience with penetration in to how John Paul Abraham died, Fostering my point into them resembling the Grecian Chorus. It was said that to ‘modern readers’ the chorus were used to add a intermission in action between the chief narrative, this being a subdivision to construe over. Each intern nevertheless had clashing personalities and were from 8 states, these including: The Middle East, Africa, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, Europe and The Americas.

Due to none of us being from them states it was suggested that they would stand for the territory due to it being written without speech patterns. It stated within the book that they would all look and sound the same ; therefore the vocals were done in our native lingua. As before stated we all had different personalities and approached the piece with a character outline into our attack towards each scene and the purposes of the character. I found that my character, Middle East, was surpassing and enjoyed to party. During the first scene it was agreed they have been present at the party for a piece and hence were already tipsy. On a multiple of occasions Middle East exposes her personality in full, in which she states that she would ‘Drink the fucker dry’ and gives penetration into what she would make to acquire the occupation, one of which being kiping with John Paul.

Scene two of the housemans included further bibulous activity, nevertheless due to this scene being a batch subsequently on in the dark, it was required that each of the misss would necessitate to increase the strength of, as Roger Haines suggested ‘hens cackling and laughter’ and increased degrees of rummy playing. This to get down with was hard due to non holding anything to react to, the laughter began as we entered the phase. This therefore needed research and each of us to pre-empt a reaction. After researching, it became evident that the organic structure when intoxicated with intoxicant additions a multiple of symptoms, for illustration slurred address and staggering.

When put into pattern it became clear that moving rummy was harder than it looked and it was easy to look excessively bogus and excessively much, hence I came to a determination that in order to acquire the true attack I would necessitate to analyze person that was rummy. I began my research and came to a decision that those who were drunk tried to move sober, this therefore became my inducement to antagonize the staggering along with concentration, leting me to maneuver off from over playing.

The housemans scenes were both Sungs and contained no spoken duologue. Due to both of the scenes being fresh to the musical and holding Richard Taylor, the original composer with us, we had a high advantage, as the music was specifically written for our voices. Richard saw the possible in each character and wrote to demo these in full, intending boundaries were stretched. Richard stated on twenty-four hours one of run intoing the dramatis personae that he does non compose wordss, and this deemed true due to all wordss being taken from Douglas’ book. Of class when written in spoken signifier the vocal would non flux hence Richard changed sentences around and collaborated this with his mastermind pieces of music to make all the vocals within the show.


Geting to the public presentation was proven to be long and began with the theatrical production of the scenes in chronological order significance that merely those who were in that certain scene would necessitate to be present, this taking away any distractions for the dramatis personae and Roger. This besides meant that up until two hebdomads before the show none of the company met as a whole, unless discoursing production functions and following up thoughts and happening with adjunct manager Dominic Biddle. Dom’s occupation was to supervise every spectacle of the shows demands from Roger and due to these being specific a production function meeting was arranged.

After taking our preferable roles the squad instantly began sourcing and clicking off each necessity. I was placed upon the costume squad and was required to garner a multiple of costumes for the dramatis personae, it was decided that due to the costume squad consisting of six members each individual would be assigned to certain cast members or occupation functions. I had to function of making, garnering thoughts and sourcing the intern’s sashes and the ensemble costumes.

The thought of the sashes began with Roger desiring them handmade nevertheless after I researched into this thought it became evident that the stuff would be expensive and the budget would non stretch that far, hence I opted into sourcing them and holding them usage made in shops and online. I contacted a multiple of different sites in order to compromise with each retail merchant to acquire the best price reduction and monetary value. The sashes were proven to be a success ; nevertheless, acquiring to the phase required work and design.

Due to the intern’s costumes being black frocks it was decided that the sashes would necessitate to be in a coloring material that would do the fount stand out and interrupt off from the characters being excessively obviously. This is where the coloring material matte Grey came from, with the fount being in traditional black for full consequence. I imagined when looking for the sashes that the design chosen would necessitate to resemble that of Miss World due to each intern coming from a different territory. It was required nevertheless, that due to the show being in the unit of ammunition, that the printing would necessitate to be on both sides. This therefore, takes off any ill-defined screening from the audience, for illustration, if the character had their dorsums turned off or were positioned at an angle they would still acquire a position as to what they represented.

Ensemble costumes were decided as before stated to be inkinesss with a half mask, holding black pants and a long sleeved jumper. Originally the thought was to hold long sleeved Polo shirts ; this was discarded nevertheless, one time I researched into the retail monetary value which added up to them retailing at 20 lbs each. The resource chosen was that similar to Primark retail merchants, this being due to the company and twelvemonth group having each point. Therefore, in concurrence to accessing the budget points were borrowed from other cast members wardrobes. I gathered a list of the cast’s sizes in order to beginning their costumes and began to compose a multiple of supplications to people inquiring for the specific sizes.

Once I had sourced all the appropriate points in their peculiar sizes the members tried on their costumes and so each costume was hung up by myself and made certain they were in the right topographic points each dark.

Show hebdomad arrived surprisingly fast and to get down with, the dramatis personae were doubtful due to non holding a tally of the show, each prop was put into topographic point and so each of the squads gathered to germinate last minute alterations made. Get downing from Monday 24Thursday ofMarch, the tech and ensemble were added to the piece. The tech side was really specific and took three yearss to rectify, in fact Roger was still honing the tech half an hr before the gap dark, and hence, the doors were opened up to the populace tardily, giving the dramatis personae clip to acquire into their full costume, hair and make-up and take to their starting places.

There was proven to be a multiple of proficient troubles during the public presentation in conformity with the pendant nevertheless each clip this default was corrected and affairs were non affected. Each individual gathered together as a squad throughout the procedure in order to accomplish the specific appraisal standards each stepping up their games and bettering their public presentation dark by dark.

I felt my character pushed my boundaries vocally and physically, with her personality being bubbly, it allowed me to set and turn to the possible I didn’t realise I had. There is of class room for betterment and this would hold been for all of the housemans to maintain up the energy, I found that in the scenes between lines some of the action fell level, maintaining the audience waiting for something to go on. It was a great honor to work with Richard and Roger they were a true inspiration to the group and allowed me to derive back some of the assurance I had lost.


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