A Example of an Expository on Values. Essay

Lots of people are relatives and aren’t friends. Lots of people work together who aren’t friends. Lots of people say they are friends but aren’t. You can appreciate or admire someone, but that doesn’t make them a friend. So, what makes a true friend then? Friendship is one of many values that I have, the other two that I will write about are family and freedom. Developing and maintaining friendships is a challenge. You may discover that the person you thought was a good and trusted friend was in fact not. Friendship is not a matter of the amount of time you spend with someone.

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A Example of an Expository on Values. Essay
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Rather, it is a measure of the depth that arises between the two. Even meeting someone for the first time, you might feel an unexplainable sense of familiarity. “A man without a family is not a man. ” Words spoken from the godfather, even though a fictional movie, have truth to them. What defines a family? Is a couple a family? Is a group of three adults a family? It seems today that, many people believe you only have a family when there are children Involved, I say If more the one person calls a certain place “home” then they are Indeed a family of sort. Freedom, it’s what allows us to function as we do today.

To most, going to the church of their choice, or voting Is second nature. Not everyone Is so lucky. Look at Cuba for example, how do you vote when there Is a dictator? Freedom Is something that Is taken for granted everyday, but, whether we realize It or not, It plays a major role In our dally life. Whatever your values may be, Just realize that they are the basis of our life. Friendship, family, and freedom are the ones most Important to me. Now, yours may differ from mine, but, that’s what makes us human. Everyone has their own beliefs, but Just think, what If we had to live life without the values you cherish most…


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