A good student is more important Essay

Good teachers have a good qualifications and subject knowledge; they are organized, energetic and have empathy and good communication skills. This Is obviously Important for good education. However, It Is really the diligence and Intelligence of the student that determines whether learning will be successful or not. Although every student benefits from good teachers, only a fraction of a student’s learning time is spent with teachers.

Much of our education occurs outside the classroom. We learn in the playground and in the street, as well as at home with our parents. We learn from the media when studying alone and reading a book. Therefore, the teachers’ role is actually small. Education comes from both teachers and the world around us, but it is rally the students’ responsibility to take advantage of these opportunities. Innovation and diligence are obviously Important. We need a reason to study; it may be intellectual curiosity, career prospects or even fear of our parents.

Likewise, we must have good attendance, punctuality and do our homework. However, a more important quality in a student is the innate ability to learn. We can absorb more knowledge and skills If we have Intelligence, good concentration and memory (both short-term and long-term), as well as the ability to see connections. These natural talents enable us to gain more from both teachers and the world around us. To learn well, being a good student Is more Important than the quality of our teachers. Therefore, before students blame their teacher, they should stop and think.

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A good student is more important Essay
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