A History Of The Erotic Art Art Essay

Erotic art: A includes music, drawings, exposure, A sculptures, and Hagiographas that are aimed to sexually elicit the head triping the idea of titillating sex scenes.

Pornography: Sexual pleasance portrayed within an expressed sexual subject projected through media in order to trip stimulation and contentment.

Hip hop: Originated from the African American territory New York City in the late 1970 ‘s, ab initio invented as a manner for black people to show themselves artistically through music. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hip_hop, 2010 )


Sexual activity sells. This statement has been proved over the old ages after the addition of sexual intensions in music picture during the late 90 ‘s, up until this twenty-four hours this fad rains throughout the music industry in order to sell records.

The hip hop civilization has ever been connected with disapproval as the creative person ‘s wordss and ocular merchandising mechanisms are frowned upon by the populace. Labels and the creative persons themselves have made usage of this state of affairs, encompassing the bad exposure as “ ANY PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY “

In 1995A Roger EbertA wrote:

Rap has a bad repute in white circles, where many people believe it consists of obscene and violent anti-white andA anti-femaleA pharyngeal. Some of it does. Most does non. Most white hearers do n’t care ; they hear black voices in a litany of discontent, and tune out. Yet rap plays the same function today asA Bob DylanA did in 1960, giving voice to the hopes and cholers of a coevals, and a batch of blame is powerful composing.

The assault of picture harpies in hip hop picture became the norm as the creative persons an record labels noticed this sudden alteration of perceptual experience whenever erotica or sex became involved

. The wordss and visuals besides had to alter to suit this new moving ridge that the fans demanded. The consequence was The rise of Lil Kim in the late 90s the music scene with her sexually expressed wordss and sexy pictures the success and bombilation created by this new manner of encompassing negativeness and exposing negativeness to accomplish successes can be argued to be the one of the best selling tool. Record labels these yearss do n’t merely listen to talent as they now believe that endowment itself can merely be your expressions and the remainder they can work on it.

In a manner to besiege airing regulationsA BETA has created a late-night section called “ Uncut ” to air uncensored pictures. Not merely has this translated into greater gross revenues for mainstream creative persons, it has besides provided an mercantile establishment for undiscovered creative persons to catch the limelight with in writing but low production quality picture, frequently made cheaply by non-professionals. Possibly the most ill-famed picture aired, which for many came to represent BET ‘s programA Uncut, was “ Tip Drill ” byA Nelly. While no more explicit than other pictures, its exploitatory word picture of adult females, peculiarly of a adult male swiping a recognition card between a stripper ‘s natess, was seized upon by many societal militants for disapprobation. The section was discontinued in mid 2006.

Niki Minaj is a good illustration of a star that has taken influence from Lil Kim and is now seen in bend as an icon for the up and approaching coevals of female rappers.

This nevertheless is potentially really distressing, as the self-proclaimed ‘Barbie ‘ admits that she has had plastic surgery in order to heighten her natess country as a agency of overstating her function as a sexy rapper and therefore to go appealing to work forces and adult females.

This raises the issue of the force per unit areas of being a sexy female rapper and what it can take draw a bead oning theoretical accounts and rappers to make so as to alter and heighten their natural beauty through plastic surgery in order to suit into a society where being curvy and sexy is seen as a high quality over other females. This issue is really distressing as it can take down the self-pride of misss every bit immature as 10 old ages old, promoting them to alter their visual aspect. A awful illustration of this is the instance of Claudia Atrodemy, who died after a buttocks sweetening operation and died. There has ever been a connexion between sex and music but a new coevals has now been pushed to the bounds via engineering.

Bing a female rapper who goes by the name of Gemini and holding advantage over the other female rappers in the UK, through the agencies of of course holding the image of a hip hop theoretical account which is in high demand in the industry right now. These qualities include holding big 32f cups sized chests, hips and a reasonably big natess country which girls presents desire to hold.

My purpose is to utilize these qualities and prove out whether or non holding endowment within my wordss can overrule my image by carry oning a societal experiment via the societal networking site ‘twitter ‘ and declaiming a questionnaire to the general populace. The inquiries I will seek to reply in this thesis will be ; is holding the perfect image polar to win in the music industry?

Literature reappraisal

Artists have ever intertwined sex within their plants, as it activates an immediate response from the audience. In Achille Deveria ‘s picture “ debauched H2O colour ” at that place appears to be a raunchy sex scene in secret happening whilst a respectable assemblage is being held in the background.

Historically bare and titillating Deductions have been around for centuries dating back to the art of Palaeolithic cave carvings and pictures, when cave work forces and adult females would bring forth images of mammal hunting chances and hyperboles of human genitalias. ( e.g.A Venus statuettes ) .

In April 2005 it was reported that German Archaeologists in Germany had found a 7,200-year-old picture of a male figure giving above a adult female figurine in a sexual manner giving the feeling of a elaborate sex scene.

You see in the past sexual illustrations where normally used as a separating mechanism for civilizations part and folk, and was non mistaken for anything but that until the Victorian age. The Victorian epoch was to get down the rise of modern construct of erotica as cocottes were defined in many Hagiographas in the 1860 ‘s.Simply looking at sexual images, aggregations books or engravings was banned in 1857 and if caught, the individual would be imprisoned.

When an extended excavation out occurred in the metropolis of Pompeii in the 1860s, most of the titillating imagination was recovered flooring the Romans go forthing them no pick but to oppugn the thought of gender. As the Romans visualised themselves as hierarchs of the Roman Empire they decided to conceal these images from the general public doing them sole to the upper category merely.

Grecian art is famously known to incorporate sexual images of same sex intercourse and paederasty, normally painted onto ceramic surfaces. These images were duplicated from the Greeks every twenty-four hours sex life and so they were barely scrutinised for their art, as they were unmindful to the construct of erotica. Erected phallus ‘s ( Phallus ) can be viewed in the sanctuary of Dionysus on Delos, and is often used as a domestic decoration or a appeal called a herm, which passers by stroked for good fortune. Hermes normally, an aesthetic the Romans subsequently adopted. Having a big phallus was seen as unwanted for the Greeks and was mocked comically in Ancient Rome.

The Romans used to mark sex, openly puting expressed pictures of sexual brushs above the door of each whorehouse as advertizement. For them sex was a considered beautification and a signal of their civilization which is projected on their Warren Cup. Over clip a marble statue was found and exhibited in the secret museum in Naples, of the God Pan holding sexual intercourse with a caprine animal and was measured as so unambiguous that it was non let go of into the populace until the twelvemonth 2000.


The Moche civilization of PeruA are an extra prehistoric persons to ease sexually expressed images onto ceramics, nevertheless their intent was nil like the Greeks. Alternatively the Moche believed that the underworld was the contrary of the life, accordingly they bring forthing merchandises for funeral gifts with images of worlds executing sex that did n’t give life for illustration, anal, onanism and fellatio.

East Asia is famously known for their traditional part to sexual images but the most celebrated sex manuscripts was written in by an Indian named Vatsyayana centuries ago called The Kama Sutra which contained elaborate instructions on how to do love to another homo.


Medieval illuminate books besides contained titillating images but were merely accessible by the affluent male ‘s one of whom being Doctor George Witt, who donated a immense set of titillating old-timers to the British Museum in 1865.It was merely until Johannes Gutenberg invented imperativeness printing that titillating images was so mass produced within the western society.

Palumba created by Giovanni Battista is one of the earliest known prints to be related with nakedness and conventionality. In 1475-1500 a more grounded printing piece called Allegory of Copulation pictured a immature couple holding sexual intercourse whilst sitting on either side of the bench with the lady ‘s pess raised to the sky along with the males big phallus, a separate image of a figure with wings and legs with a bell tied around its testiss is seen seeking to lift on top of the bench to fall in the act.

In 1524 Marcantonio Raimondi caused a major tumult when he distributed expressed illustrations of 16 sex places founded from the plants of Giulio Romano who was making committee work for the Palazzo del Te in Mantua at the clip. The plants of Aretinot ‘s 16 open sonnets “ both in your cunt and your buttocks, my prick will do me happy, and you happy and blissful “ was so paired with Raimondi ‘s pictures in order to negociate the release of Raimondi from prison in the sixteenth century.

The seventeenth century was to tag the start of erotica in France as many titillating novels begun to go including the plant of L’Ecole des Filles, which was printed in 1655.

Throughout theA epoch of Enlightenment, a batch of Gallic atheists proceeded to take advantage of erotica utilizing it as a agency of social belittling along withA spoof.A

Free believing erotica was normally used as a rebellion against the Catholic Church ‘s beliefs that sex should be saved till after matrimony. The English upper category citizens began to contemn this as erotica was shortly to be promoted though low-cost cusps to common mans, and feared that the unschooled lower category would botch the clannishness by leting slaves and vulnerable adult females to falsify the art.

Fanny hill ( Previously named The Memoirs of a Woman OF Pleasure ) was written by John Cleland in 1748 as a reaction against this issue. The book concentrates on the English rule and mannerisms towards sex in the eighteenth century, as the storyteller portrays the adult females as disgraceful by holding sexual brushs without passion or sorrow.

In 1839 Louis Daguerre invented the first of all time utile method of picture taking paving the manner for William Fox Talbot ‘s innovation of the negative- positive procedure in 1841. This innovation cemented the design of mass production in bare picture taking as legion prints were created from a glass negative. This allowed erotica to go cheap and lawful as the innovation was accepted by the Gallic Academy of scientific disciplines, plants from the likes of Edward Muybridge reveals s the masked the thought of explicatory imagination by normally puting a prop next to the female to avoid examination.

After the innovation of gesture images in 1895 adult movies were produced outright by Eugene Pirou and Albert Kirchner, animating late Gallic film makers to demo adult females discasing provokingly in order to do there movies marketable and raising their income.

Pornography jetted off in America In 1972 after the adult movies, Behind the Green Door and Deep Throat were deemed acceptable by the media to be released into the public presenting a social trend.A Following this films such as The Satan in Miss JonesA followed in 1973 and much more were produced, bespeaking that on screen sex was now the norm although and many predicted that blunt word pictures of sex onscreen would shortly go platitude. Although Willia Rotsler spoke out in 1973 suggesting, “ Erotic movies are here to remain ” , traditional values were still upheld pressing the market to shoot phantasy into movies. A

Since the beginning of Music picture ‘s in 1981, music has become the footing of young person society implementing a subject of treatment amongst research workers who differing with the content and effects, as Arnett ( 2002 ) explained, “ a typical music videoaˆ¦features one or more work forces executing while beautiful, barely clothed immature adult females dance and writhe salaciously. Often the work forces dance, excessively, but the adult females ever have fewer apparels on. The adult females are largely merely propsaˆ¦They appear for a fraction of a 2nd, long plenty to agitate their butts a twosome of times, so the camera moves on ( P. 256 ) . ” Arnett clarifies that it is chiefly the mistake of hip-hop picture music which has dominated the heads of under age young persons, by portraying sexual imagination in their picture ‘s act uponing them in a negative manner. ( Jones, 1997 ; Larson, 1998 ) .

It has been proven that 65 % of childs been the age 13 and 18 casually ticker and listen to music which is stylish throughout the black, Latino and white race ( Rideout, Roberts, & A ; Foehr, 2005 ) .

In 2001 The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that adolescents admit that music amusement is the chief cause of sexual ailment wellness and sexual promiscuousness in their coevals. For case sexual images in music pictures have been broadcasted via MTV for old ages, act uponing their mark audience from the age of 12-34. ( Gan, Zillmann, & A ; Miltrook, 1997 ; Jones, 1997 ; Pardun & A ; McKee, 1995 ) .A This sum of promotion has effected the young person over the old ages altering their idiosyncrasies, attitudes and point of views towards society today.

The chief focal point survey on how the media effects the nexus between the exposure to sexual imagination in music picture and adolescents sexual attitudes and behavior.

( Arnett, 2002 ; Ward, 2002 ; Ward, Hansbrough, & A ; Walker, 2005 ) .

“ Two stages of SCT that strongly notifys the present survey are the constructs of vicarious acquisition and abstract modeling ( Bandura, 2002 ) . Humans, unlike other mammals says Bandura ( 2002 ) , have the capableness to larn through symbolic environments, such as through media portraitures. Through this vicarious acquisition, people so act based on their images of world, and the more their world depends on the symbolic environment, the more likely they are to move in a manner reflective of that environment. Abstract patterning grows from this vicarious acquisition, whereby persons extract the generic characteristics of media portraitures, integrate those portraitures into composite regulations of behaviour, and so utilize these regulations to bring forth new cases of behaviour ( Bandura, 2002 ) . These mechanisms are peculiarly applicable to those who consume a big sum of a peculiar genre of music and music pictures, such as hip-hop, whereby “ regulations of behaviour ” are modeled systematically and vicariously over music picture channels.

Females who are indulged within blame music feel that it ‘s acceptable for them to be belittled by work forces in world, robotically submersing to the submissive place in the relationship leting them to be insulted and dominated by the male. This goes against the theory of female authorization as rappers like Lil Kim paved the manner for self development within female blame musicaˆ¦aˆ¦By accepting these derogatory claims, Kim is notoriously known to portray herself as an on screen as slattern, mentioning to herself as a ‘bitch ‘ and ‘hoe ‘ in her wordss, frequently boasting about her sexual brushs with work forces hence directing out a negative influence to the hearer. The irresponsibleness of the creative person is shocking as Kim is clearly non a function theoretical account for the younger coevals, as the rise of Niki Minaj has clearly been derived from Kim depicting herself as a ‘barbie ‘ doll, with deductions for the male to sexually maltreat her dainty as a plastic plaything, as her expressed wordss and her fictile figure is made to suit the male phantasy.

17 twelvemonth old female rapper OGNIKI from Birmingham took over the airwaves this month for let go ofing a picture filled with raunchy with wordss of profound coarsenesss. Although her words ‘s are undeniable profound, her ability to knap is really rather dramatic which unluckily is non the non the head of her calling, as her lyrical content crows about her antecedently recorded sex tape knaping ‘I get fucked from the back shriek lalala, I fucked 6 adult male on the camera ‘ in a Grime Blog picture. OGniki has evidently been subjective by the Lil Kim and Niki Minaj tendency of openly discoursing about her sex life, wholly ignoring her ego regard all through the monetary value of acknowledgment.

The industry accepted OGniki quickly as the twenty-four hours after her picture on the cyberspace was released, she was so advertised on BBC 1xtra, BBC intelligence and ITV traveling, her follower count on chirrup went from 198 to 13000 in numbering in a hebdomad! . This goes is proves that the industry prefers a juicy sex dirt over natural endowment, as there other female rappers that have been seeking for old ages to do it in the industry but wont get every bit rough as OGniki to derive attending due fright of fring credibleness and ego regard.

This issue has been argued by adult females who claim to be observing their muliebrity by exposing their natural organic structure signifier to the populace as a clear indicant that they ‘ve embraced and accepted the manner they are.Some females are known to do this alteration after fring their ego esteem through the agony of traumatic experiences such as solitariness, dietetic issues, maltreatment and many more. These happenings normally formulate the females apprehension of the importance ego worth, leting them to get the better of their injury and emerge with a greater cognition of life and self value doing them a stronger individual. The journey of trial frequently drives the female to follow a domineering attitude towards work forces and in general.Men are notoriously known to add force per unit area on to females with their high outlook that the ‘ prefect adult female ‘ has to be indistinguishable to the airbrushed exposure of theoretical accounts in the magazines combined with the stereotyped mentality of the ‘perfect stay at place homemaker ‘ . These traits are presently being portrayed through some female rappers features, as they ‘re able to show the power of muliebrity through their image and music rebelling against this analogy by foliating their organic structures and stressing their curves through picture taking, movie or even mundane life directing out a message to females to encompassing their natural female signifier.

Leister born Gok Wan, is famously known for his BBC assurance hiking show and book entitled ‘How to look good naked ‘ which focuses in female appliers who have lost their organic structure assurance and returning it back to them by utilizing manner and elegance guidelines. At the coda of the tutoring conferences, Gok ‘s clients are urged to present bare to exhibit their new found poise turn outing that they can accomplish beauty without undergoing any surgery.

Since the 90 ‘s females with sexualised images such as Lil Kim crafty brown and Trina have been pushed by the major labels as they found that female rappers with this image are the most profitable 1s. The fact that labels seem to be merely interested in subscribing a female rapper who image revolves around sex, eliminates the female rappers with non sexual images such as Lauran Hill and no ballad are non promoted and pushed by record labels although they are really gifted.

It is unfortunate to witness so many female rappers out at that place with accomplishment who are non having sufficient promotion because they are non selling themselves as sexual objects to the market. Internet and other beginnings have made the female market demands easy available for these draw a bead oning creative persons to mime and upstage in order to go new and imaginative with their sexual imagination as a female rapper.

In the past it would hold been absurd to even conceive of a female rapper adorning the front spread of a magazine have oning nil but underclothes. Today it is nil but the norm, as it seems compulsory for a female rapper to look on the screen of a work forces ‘s magazine. In summer 2010 female rapper Trina triggered a splash as she appeared in a Bikini and sometimes topless is an issue of King Magazine. A month subsequently she released and album ‘Amazing ‘ which was ironically celebrated for the incorrect grounds as everyone was speaking about her spread in ‘ Kings ‘ magazine ‘ as apposed to her album, which proves that her image upstaged her ability to knap as she used her organic structure to advance her album.

20 twelvemonth old university pupil Claudia Aderotimi and terpsichorean ( phase name Caramella London ) from Hackney in London tragically died after holding an illicit enhancing procedure in her natess country. Claudia flew to America and booked an illegal sawbones to come into her hotel room and inject silicone in her underside to raise the curve but suffered 12 hours of thorax strivings straight after and subsequently on died in infirmary. Claudia was despairing to hold the surgery done because she thought holding a bigger underside would do her wanted by the industry so she could execute in music picture.Her assurance was lowered even more every bit merely before she left for America, she auditioned to be in a music picture and wore particular cushioned pants to give the managers the feeling that she had a immense underside in order to be chosen. She was chosen but shortly after they discovered her buttocks was bogus and did n’t name her dorsum for the picture.

Although Claudia ‘s dancing ability was above criterion she still felt unequal within her visual aspect and felt that holding a bigger buttocks like Trina or Niki Minaj would quickly increase her opportunities of being celebrated.Its extremely unfortunate that the outlooks of the media generated yet another mark as all these draw a bead oning hip hop creative persons are seeking to make their thought of excellence.

Missy Elliot has achieved the outstanding by wining all her ends on her ain, keeping full government and way of her albums and declining conform to the media ‘s reading of what a female rapper ‘s visual aspect should be. Missy Elliot was a big size 16 while accomplishing all this, turn outing that holding endowment and continuity towards to her calling can get the better of the norm of being a sex symbol in order to sell records. Her advanced manner has contributed to forcing boundaries in the in the hip hop genre which declares her self assurance and willingness to take a risk.Elliot has written and produced vocals for Christina Aguliera, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce ‘ Knowles, Whitney Houston, and Janet Jackson. She has releases five of her ain albums since 1997, and each has sold upwards of million transcripts.


In order to turn out that image is needed to sell records I conducted an probe two societal probes. First I put together a questionnaire for 30 people ( male and female ) between the ages of 18 to 30. The inquiries I posed determined conditions or non sexual imagination played a cardinal function in gross revenues and influence to society. Second I carried out a societal networking experiment by making an online profile on Twitter to turn out how easy it is to mount the media ladder utilizing engineering to project my sexy image as a female rapper. By regularly tweeting and posting tempting exposures onto chirrup I attracted a echt fan base and gained a batch of chances posed by the music industry.

Although my profile provinces that I am a female rapper I intentionally refrained from let go ofing my music, constructing up expectancy for my music badgering my followings. When I eventually released a picture cartridge holder of me knaping on youtube, I posted it out on my chirrup page and compared the sum of positions and new followings gained from showing my blame ability, to the attending gained from my sexualised image, enabling me to analyze the consequences and come to a decision subsequently on.

I encountered some issues with the Twitter experience as I challenged by a legion sum of work forces inquiring for more expressed exposure, morally I could n’t transport through with these petitions as I discovered that there were boundaries I merely could n’t traverse in order to derive attending.Although I felt flattered, I was offended the same clip as the male audience became demanding and attempted to strong-arm me into let go ofing expressed exposures of myself. If I was to stay by these demands I would hold felt less well-thought-of and socially abused.

Basically the inquiry of whether or non image plays an of import portion in sale of music has been answered as yes, as explained in my reappraisal OGniki achieved the most media attending within yearss of exposing her sex life on her Grime web log. Although I would n’t travel every bit far as OGniki the celebratory claim of sex in her wordss creates the phantasy of sex to the spectator increased her opportunity of celebrity. My methodological analysis go manus I manus with my method as I am proud to encompass my curves merely like Gok Wan urges his clients to make in the series ‘How to look good naked.


and conclude with that my sexual wild imagination portrayed in my tweet to my blame ability in order to find which country is deemed more popular to the audience


The nude has been a cardinal art historical topic since the Greeks carved fan jocks 4,000 old ages ago, but even our permissive society is still ruffled by images of the flesh. Tate Britain ‘s exhibition of 19th-century exposure by Eadweard Muybridge has a notice about the nakedness. “ In the last twosome decennaries museums have been posting warnings, ” says art adviser Allan Schwartzman. “ This helps status audiences. ” But as the late art historian Kenneth Clark argued, an titillating response is unconditioned. “ No nude, nevertheless abstract, should neglect to elicit in the witness some trace of titillating feelingaˆ¦and if it does non make so, it is bad art and false ethical motives, ” he wrote.

This is non to state sex is non for sale at Frieze. “ Sexual activity is in the oculus of the perceiver, ” says art adviser Thea Westreich. “ It ‘s what you bring into the room. ” Westreich observes that the bombardment of images in mainstream life have made gender in art more mundane. “ With the cyberspace, and freedom of look, there is non much to footnote about gender, ” she says. Her choice of the carnival? Tariq Alvi ‘s Poster for a Library, picturing a immature adult male reading a book in a province of rousing. The screenprint is available from Cabinet ( D16 ) for ?1,200.

Much of the sex on display-and the illustrations happening buyers-tends to be toned-down. There is nakedness, but fewer sexual Acts of the Apostless. There are images appropriated from erotica, but applied from a safe distance. Among the most popular are photographs by Ryan McGinley, who has shot nubile nudes for the past five old ages. These images were strong Sellerss at New York ‘s Team Gallery ( E15 ) . An edition of three of a thin immature adult male in a tunnel, suffused with aureate visible radiation, sold out at $ 35,000 each. Another speedy marketer was Philip-Lorcia diCorcia ‘s 2008 Untitled ( From the Series East of Eden ) having a brace of elegant, white Canis familiariss glued to a farinaceous porn picture on a telecasting. Five out of eight, priced $ 25,000 each, sold by Friday afternoon.

Then there is work that is a harder sell. Three punctilious ballpen drawings at London ‘s Herald St ( A5 ) by Cary Kwok are tucked in a little bay at the dorsum of the base. They depict a priest, a Buddhist monastic and a Hasidic Jew-eyes closed, aswoon, post-ejaculation. The work has a loyal followers, harmonizing to Herald ‘s Nicky Verber, but no gross revenues. At ?4,500 each, all three were available.

David Zwirner ( G12 ) has brought a forceful 1964 portrayal by the late American painter Alice Neel, priced at $ 160,000. The middle-aged blonde, Ruth Nude, is seated, legs spread. “ We wanted to convey a truly strong portrayal, ” says Zwirner ‘s Angela Choon. “ I ‘ve been told people love it, but ca n’t hold it at place because of childs. ”

Tracey Emin ‘s embroidered Dark Hole, 2009, at Lehmann Maupin ( B13 ) , depicts a discorporate female lower half, remembering the hesitating line of Egon Schiele. The composing is blunt: between a brace of spindly legs on stilettos, bejeweled custodies frame a black opening. Priced ?115,000, the work had attracted involvement, but no takers.

Younger traders said there was plentifulness of sex lurking at the just, but noted that a new coevals of creative persons is citing sex in new, conceptual ways. “ If there is sex, it ‘s more about utilizing the subject of gender itself as a subject, ” says Zurich trader Jean-Claude Freymond-Guth, who is demoing at Sunday, a just dedicated to emerging creative persons. Freymond-Guth ‘s base features Megan Francis Sullivan, a consecutive female creative person who appropriates 1950s homosexual erotica into her pictures. ( Works are priced $ 1,400 to $ 6,000 ) . “ It ‘s highly coded. It ‘s non about aggravation or subjective desire. ”

The Frieze base of Berlin trader Johann Konig ( E7 ) does n’t look sexy at first, but an abstract picture by Nathan Hylden, with a vilification of creamy white drizzly pigment, suggests bodily fluids. “ Sexual activity does sell, ” says Konig ‘s gallery director Gregor Hose. “ But it has to be visually attractive and abstracted-a knowing attack to the titillating. ” Like Clark, Hose believes art is related to sex. “ There ‘s ever lascivious in it, ” says Hose. “ Why do people purchase art? It ‘s an object of desire. ”

PriapusA figure from Pompeii.


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