A literature search into a specific topic and to produce an arising from that research Essay


The purpose of this appraisal is to enable the pupil to transport out a literature hunt into a specific subject and to bring forth an essay originating from that research.

The aims are to enable the pupil: –

* To go familiar with the University ‘s information retrieval systems

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A literature search into a specific topic and to produce an arising from that research Essay
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* To set about a elaborate probe into recent industry studies

* To critically reexamine the impact of today ‘s economic clime on Egan ‘s ‘Rethinking Construction ‘ docket.

Assignment: –

Over the last 15 old ages or so assorted studies ( Constructing the Team, Rethinking Construction & A ; Accelerating Change ) , together with the Government of the twenty-four hours, have suggested alterations to the edifice procurance procedure so that client administrations will be more satisfied with the service that the building industry provides.

During the early portion of the twenty-first century there were marks that there was so a perceptual experience that ‘things were acquiring better ‘ . However, the events of the last 12 to 18 months have changed the economic landscape for the foreseeable hereafter.

With peculiar mention to procurance procedures, discourse the premiss that “ Egan ‘s ‘Rethinking Construction ‘ docket is no longer relevant ” .

General: –

The completed essay should be handed-in to the Faculty Office, Room T313, in hebdomad 10, Internet Explorer by Thursday 26th November 2009.

The essay should be neatly presented, officially structured, word-processed and be about 2500 words long. A word count should be provided ; diagrams and tabular arraies are non included in the word count.

The content of the essay must be related to the relevant theoretical issues, and be to the full referenced.

A full briefing on essay authorship and the essay subjects will be given.

The essay will be marked in conformity with the taging strategy detailed on the following page.

Taging strategy for this appraisal will be as elaborate below: –

* Presentation & A ; construction: 5 % of entire Markss

( Is the papers neatly presented, word-processed & A ; with a title sheet, page enumeration, paragraph headers, 1AA? line spacing etc? Does it hold a logical construction? Are at that place any grammatical/spelling/typographical mistakes? )

* Introduction: 10 % of entire Markss

( Has a principle for the content been established? Has a background to the subject been included? Has the approach/content to the study been set out? )

* Evidence of research/referencing/bibliography: 15 % of entire Markss

( Does the stuff appear to come from a assortment of beginnings, showing a scope of research? Are the mentions decently incorporated into the text? Is the bibliography set out in an appropriate manner? )

* Technical content: 60 % of entire Markss

( Is the stuff relevant? Has the assignment brief been to the full addressed? Is the stuff presented in a logical manner with well-reasoned statements and a coherent agreement?

Has extra stuff such as charts, & A ; /or diagrams etc been provided to reenforce the text where appropriate? Are such charts decently cross-referenced in to the text? Have any instance surveies been included? )

* Decision: 10 % of entire Markss

( Does the study reach a reasonable decision that takes into history all facets of the subject? Does the decision summarize the chief findings from the research? Is the decision substantiated? )

Time punishments: –

Work that is handed in late will be penalised in conformity with the University ‘s Academic Regulations: –

* Work handed in within 2 hebdomads of the due day of the month will be marked, but will merely have a maximal grade of 50 % .

* Work handed in more than 2 hebdomads tardily will non be marked ; it will be graded ‘zero ‘ .

* If you think you may lose the hand-in day of the month due to fortunes beyond your control, you must obtain understanding for late entry before the hand-in day of the month in conformity with the processs published in the Student Handbook.


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