A Marketing Report on Birchbox Essay

Based in New York City, Birchbox began in 2010 by laminitiss Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna. They established Birchbox to help consumers with the jumble of beauty retail to detect merchandises that really work for them. Although Birchbox started as a merchandise chiefly for adult females, they extended into men’s merchandises in 2012 with Birchbox Man. Besides in 2012, Birchbox purchased JolieBox, based in Paris, increasing their concern to France, Spain, and the UK to take the company planetary and go a leader in the international market in find commercialism. They now have about 400,000 endorsers.

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription service that helps clients ( both work forces and adult females ) discover beauty merchandises that they will love. Along with the monthly subscription service, they besides provide a individualized beauty merchandise store and editor beauty tips and fast ones on their web site: www.birchbox.com.

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A Marketing Report on Birchbox Essay
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Customers sign up online through the web site to acquire bringing of a monthly box filled with esteemed skin care, training, beauty and life style samples which have been personally customized for the client for merely $ 10 a month for the women’s box and $ 20 for the men’s. Birchbox delivers 30-50 diverse editions of its boxes every month based on a speedy study clients fill out on their tegument and hair type, plus what merchandises they would indulge in. Once the study is complete, clients receive a choice of samples ( 5-6 ) each month that Birchbox besides personally recommends. They beginning the samples from both well-known trade names every bit good as new and emerging trade names. The women’s subscription box includes samples runing from make-up to skincare merchandises, every bit good as lifestyle samples. The men’s subscription box contains high-end male preparing samples every bit good as lifestyle merchandises like tech accoutrements or socks.

If the clients like the samples they receive in their monthly beauty box, they can so buy the full size merchandises straight from the Birchbox Shop on the web site. Birchbox offers a generous trueness plan that rewards the client every clip they shop, refer friends, and give feedback on the monthly samples. Customers can interchange their Birchbox Points in order to salvage money on full size merchandises or gift purchases.

Birchbox’s web site besides contains a magazine subdivision filled with content such as advice, tips, and fast ones from their beauty editors. This original content helps clients get the most out of their samples. Customers can maintain up to day of the month with the latest beauty and lifestyle intelligence and acquire adept tips on the merchandises in their boxes. They show clients how to get the hang techniques and upgrade their day-to-day beauty patterns with pictures, columns, and interviews from beauty experts.

Birchbox is aimed at consumers who take pleasance in using the best beauty merchandises, but who don’t feel like holding to seek excessively difficult to detect them and warrants to cut out the confusion in purchasing beauty merchandises in order to direct clients what works for them. But even self-described anti-subscription commercialism and anti-beauty merchandise consumers have been turned into loyal clients after seeking their monthly boxes.

Birchbox suits adult females and work forces of all demographics who want to seek new merchandises and research through find. Selling purely on-line, Birchbox is able to get the better of geographical restrictions. Birchbox users live in all 50 provinces with New York, California and Chicago being the biggest markets. Although they chiefly target adult females ages 25 to 39 with one-year income of $ 35- $ 55k who love beauty merchandises, Birchbox transcends coevalss. They have clients runing from every bit immature as 10 old ages old to every bit old as 89 old ages old. While popular in the United States, Birchbox has besides begun to spread out internationally, geting its Gallic ringer, JolieBox, which permitted it to travel into Spain, France, the UK, and several other markets in Europe.

Birchbox, which was originally intended merely for adult females and beauty nuts, has expanded its range into new ventures, including a subscription box for work forces. The high-end male preparing class is a lesser market than the women’s market. Birchbox has customized the “try, learn, buy” theoretical account, suiting both adult females and work forces who want to seek out new, voguish merchandises and want that elite and insider experience. Birchbox presents an easy, low-priced manner for clients to detect beauty merchandises, intermixing the test of merchandises with on-line content and online shopping to do geographic expedition, invention and the purchase procedure simpler.

Birchbox is lumped in with subscription commercialism sites, but it’s much more. Birchbox is besides a direct eCommerce beauty retail merchant every bit good as a hub for on-line beauty content. Customers can buy Birchbox subscriptions and merchandises from their computing machines, tablets, or nomadic devices. Specifically within the eCommerce market, Birchbox is a subscription concern theoretical account and depict itself as “discovery commerce” . It competes with other beauty subscription companies like Glossybox, MyGlam, and Goodebox, all which provide clients a manner to seek new beauty merchandises before they buy.

The benefits of the Birchbox subscription service are that it is curated specifically for each consumer so they are having merchandises personalized for them. It’s besides convenient. The client doesn’t have to worry about seeking out dozenss of beauty merchandises and blowing money on merchandises they don’t like and will ne’er utilize once more. They besides don’t have to travel to a shop and seek to happen person to assist them pick out merchandises. They get merchandises delivered directly to their door with a convenient web site that tells them all about their merchandises and tips and fast ones for assisting clients use them. If they like the merchandise they can buy the full sized version straight on the web site with free transportation. It takes the fuss out of purchasing beauty merchandises.

Birchbox has provided a immense value to the beauty retail market. The beauty industry – in footings of selling and retail – had non experienced important invention for many old ages. When it comes to eCommerce, the beauty industry truly hasn’t figured it out yet. As a group, beauty has had a difficult clip conveying consumers online given that the bulk of adult females want to smell, touch, and seek the merchandises they want to purchase, and they don’t make returns. Online shopping is normally limited to researching and refilling merchandises clients had antecedently purchased, non seeking new things. In add-on, the beauty industry is disjointed and overpowering to voyage because each class contains 1000s of trade names. Birchbox better satisfies client demands compared with other inventions in the market because it exemplifies curation, content, commercialism, selling, and a subscription concern, in a planetary beauty commercialism that’s been delayed in the on-line infinite. Birchbox does a good occupation at promoting adult females to seek new merchandises and offers them an mercantile establishment when they make a determination to purchase. Their gross comes from both the subscription service every bit good as the gross revenues of full sized merchandises on their web site.

Birchbox besides helps trade names get in forepart of their mark consumers. Trade names spend a ton of money on selling and advertisement in order to stand out among all of the competition. Birchbox is a low cost manner ( trade names merely have to supply the samples ) for trade names to market to consumers who they know already like beauty merchandises and are ready to purchase. This works particularly good for smaller trade names that do non hold the money to pass on advertisement or selling. These smaller trade names can besides sell their merchandises through Birchbox’s web store, cutting out the demand for their ain warehouse and transportation costs. In this facet, Birchbox provides a whole new avenue for trade names to market themselves.

The sum of informations Birchbox has on its clients and their beauty penchants is tremendous. This allows them to see what new merchandises, trade names, and features clients want out of their beauty merchandises. This sort of informations and information is priceless to the beauty industry and will assist them to make new merchandises to better suit what consumers want.


  • Expand its concern theoretical account beyond beauty and into other areas- vesture, accoutrements, jewellery, nutrient, place decor, work merchandises, etc
  • Themed boxes- particular occasions, vacations, limited edition, organic/all natural, etc
  • Offering an option that’s non subscription- bargain when you want or jump a month, etc for a higher monetary value. Some rivals offer this option.
  • Monetize content subdivision of their web site with ads


  • hypertext transfer protocol: //www.birchbox.com/

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