A Mentally Strong Girl Essay

Da Shen David Ryan 02/04/2010 A Mentally Strong Girl My classmate, Yumeng Zhang, is an optimistic girl. Even though I just know her for a couple months, I appreciate her positive attitude for life. She is a little bit fat, however, she is not suffered by this problem. On the contrary, she is broad-mind and outspoken. In this essay, I would like to introduce this nice girl for everyone. The first time I saw this girl was last semester, in ESL writing class, when I saw Yumeng Zhang, she gave me a deep impression, because she is a little bit huge.

This is the first we met each other, no talk until a gathering we met each other again. She began to talk to me, with her classical smile. I found she is good at talking, making me listen to her all the time. She likes to talk and smile, happiness always goes around her. However, everyone has distress that cannot speak to stranger. Because of this essay, I understand why Yumeng is a broad-minded and outspoken girl. Yumeng is a little bit fat, thus many ignorant people often laugh at her fatness, included me. Maybe most people like me are just kidding her, but do you know how pain you sprinkle salt into other’s wound.

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A Mentally Strong Girl Essay
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I was moved by what Yumeng told me. When she was in the middle school, she came up against a thing, which made her plan to reduce weight completely. Yuxiao was one of Yumeng’s best friends, they were deskmates, at the same time, and they were top students in the class. Once, in the midterm test, every subject’s result came out, and every student was waiting for the ranking. (Chinese teachers like to make a ranking for every test, also declare in the class, as to encourage every student to get NO. 1). Luckily, Yumeng got NO. 1 in this midterm; unfortunately, Yuxiao got NO. . However, Yuxiao thought if there was no Yumeng, she should be NO. 1. Because she thought like that, everything was changed. She excluded Yumeng during teamwork; she never talk to Yumeng except laughing at her. But Yumeng was never exasperated against her, she just smiled, and let them go. Once Yuxiao began to abuse Yumeng. Yuxiao said that it’s not wrong you got so fat, but but you sit here faced to every student, that’s your fault. Don’t make me feel disgusting any more, I felt so unlucky to sit with you. Still, Yumeng just smiled.

But after school, when shen came back home, she cried, extremely heartrending, never ever. She tossed and turned in the bed, had a sleepless night. Yumeng thought the only way I can stop their mouths was to reduce weight, even though it was a hard and long process. Plan was actualized immediately. Diet controlling, more exercises and many other activities were done perfectly. One year later, Yumeng succeeded to reduce weight. Not a little weight, Fifty pounds, she changed to another person completely, thin and beautiful. Of course, people who laughed at her before only can envy her.

From the surface, we find Yumeng is a outspoker and happy girl, however, behind them, she experienced so many distress that we don’t know. Luckily, because of this kind of experience, cause Yumeng has a strong character and a positive attitude for life. When she comes up against some problems, she never think about quitting, keep going and overcome it, that’s what she wants to do. Currently, Yumeng become a little fat again, but don’t try to reduce weight any more, people will not laugh at you, and at least I will not. Your nice personality is the biggest and lightest spot. Cited work 02/04/2010 Interview: Yumeng Zhang


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