A Mother’s Love Is Stronger Essay

A Mother’s love A mother’s love is stronger than a mighty elephant. Her love is a shield that protects us from harm. This love isn’t easy to explain, for every mother believes in her child and wishes the best for them. Their arms hold us like a blanket, keeping us safe and warm. The bonds of love we share With our Mums is unbreakable. She tells us to take her hand and hold it tight; she will protect us, and show us what’s wrong, what’s right. When we are sad and n need of a shoulder to cry on, she will always be there with patience and understanding. Her hugs of warmth and comfort give us strength to try and try again Her kiss cures our sickness Her love is the secret ingredient Our lives have been watched by her loving eyes from the day we are born. Till the day we die Even though our mothers won’t be with us forever, their love pushes us on For their love is imprinted on our hearts A mother’s love is like a promise.

A promise of life, That can never be broken or forgotten. There is only one word to describe a mother’s love and that it is unconditional. The day you came into my life, was the day my heart skipped a beat and an orchestra of violins played in my head as you walked by. This love that I feel for you is like a puzzle with no answers. There is only one gift that I can offer to you and that is my heart. It is not a diamond or a fallen star, but it’s all I can offer and I hope it is enough.

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A Mother’s Love Is Stronger Essay
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When I look into your ocean blue eyes, I dream of adventure, just you and me touring the world. Hand in hand and enjoying each moment as if it was the last day on earth. When it is cold and dark, your smile brings back the sun and warms up my heart. This love I have for you is so addictive; it is like an alcoholic ceasing the temptation to take another sip of alcohol. You are an angel with no wings that has been sent by God to complete my heart and love story. Flowers blossom in the trees as you walk towards me and my races faster and faster with every step.

My love for you is like a flame that will go out, no matter what hazards that will come in my way. Every time you touch me, a spark, lights up inside of me, keeping me warm and safe. This flame is my life and no matter what happens it lives within me. When you are far away from me the flame grows bigger and bigger and when you are near it gets smaller. There is no easy way to explain my love for you but, all I do know is that you have taken my heart and now I ask for yours.


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