A New Connection to the Veerse Meer Sample Essay

1 Introduction
Bettering the overall quality of the Veerse Meer. That is the ultimate end of the new connexion. This study contains a elaborate analysis of the current state of affairs. where the jobs are and where the possibilities are. To seek and understand the state of affairs the first thing that had to be researched was the background of the country. 1. 2 Background

Figure 1: The Delta Works
Figure 1: The Delta Works
The Veerse Meer is a 22 kilometres long unreal brackish H2O lake. which is located in the state of Zeeland between the island north Beveland. North of Walcheren and south Beveland. In the West and east terminal of the Lake. two dams isolate it from the North Sea and the Oosterschelde. which are declining the H2O quality every twelvemonth. Before 2004 the H2O quality was worse than today. because there was no manner for the fresh sea H2O to come in Veerse Meer. After they opened a weir on the east side of the lake. the H2O quality showed a positive reaction. Though the sum of Portuguese man-of-war increased and the trout. which migrate from the Veerse Meer to the Oosterschelde. are being reduced. The Veerse meer used to be a disruptive estuary but of all time since the implosion therapy in 1953 it was clear something like this was ne’er allowed to go on once more. This caused the Delta Works to be created.

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Besides the safety. this besides caused a turning involvement by tourers to see the Veerse meer. This stimulated the local economic system on the island and gave many people a beginning of income. Restaurants and beach houses were built and shortly the country turned into a tourer hot spot in Zeeland. 1. 3 Problem and Aim

The chief job of the country is that the H2O quality of the Veerse Meer is traveling down:
-There is no ( t plenty ) fresh H2O fluxing in.
-Layered H2O ( fresh H2O drifting upon salt H2O ) .
-A assortment of salt recess caused by H2O degree direction in the spring. As a consequence. these jobs led to other jobs:
-Excessive algae grow ( which caused to H2O to turn cloudy ) .
-Oxygen poorness in large area’s on the surface and the underside of the lake.
-Excessive grow of sea boodle. this bothered the poltroons and caused malodor in the fall. All these jobs have an impact on the sum of tourer that come to see the Veerse Meer. and the animate beings and workss suffer from it.

The purpose of constructing a new connexion is to work out all these jobs ; to the extend they can be solved and while making that it is besides necessary to give a new urge to the touristry in the country. That manner the overall quality. in footings of ecology. economic system and diversion all get an urge. Side undertakings include edifice cottages and diversion.

2 Analysis of the country and involved parties
The 2nd measure is to analyse the country. Where precisely the jobs are and where the possibilities are. To understand how to better the quality it is necessary to cognize where and what type of diversion the Veerse Meer already offers and what our mark group is looking for. The undertaking needs to complement to what is already at that place. The job of the H2O quality besides has to be researched exhaustively so the best possible solution can be found. And last but non least. a undertaking of this graduated table has many involved parties with each their different involvements so it is perfectly necessary to understand this. 2. 1 SWOT Analysis

In order to do a successful and executable program. a good analysis of the strengths. failings. menaces and chances of the country is a must. To set this into image. a SWOT Analysis was made. The SWOT Analysis gives a clear and short overview about the internal and external facets of te Veerse Meer. This allows to easy make up one’s mind the right scheme for making the new canal. Table 1: Swot Analysis

Strengths| Weaknesses|
Coastal Area| Remotely located|
Existing Facilities| Water quality|
Nature reserve| No large metropoliss nearby|
Child friendly offer| No big attractions|
Rich cultural history| Not much luxury|
Veerse Meer| |

Opportunities| Threats|
Climate Change| Competition of other area’s |
Room to build| Economic crisis|
Employment| No overarching vision|
Nature development| Ageing of population|
Increased involvement watersports| |

2. 2 Actor Analysis
To recognize the 3rd connexion we have to work with several parties. each with their ain interest/benefits. In this chapter we will analyse these parties and give a clear overview of all these parties. what their purposes are. and which groups might do incommodiousness. We have divided these histrions into three groups: The Public sector. the private sector and the civic society.

The Public sector:
Municipality of Noord-Beveland
The municipality has a batch of involvement in this undertaking and acts as a co-developer. The municipality hands out constructing licenses. Everything has to travel harmonizing to their zoning programs and if non. a via media has to be made. Water Boardss

The H2O boards have the duty to pull off and keep the H2O barriers and waterways. Our development is in their country of duty so they must guarantee our undertaking does non impact the safety of the people. State of Zeeland

The undertaking is build within the state of Zeeland. The undertaking must suit with their future image of Zeeland. a zoning program has been made and we have to keep that into history. They besides have to look into if the undertaking does non go against any Torahs. Dutch Government

The Dutch Government can play a function in our development. The Government can allow subsidies if they think this is an of import undertaking. The authorities have besides made many legislation’s that we have to keep into history. Everything we want to gain hold to be within the boundaries that statute law allows. Staatsbosbeheer

Staatsbosbeheer is an organisation that manages the woods in the Netherlands. since the canal will go through a little portion of one of the woods that is under their direction. a via media has to be made with them. The Private Sector

fiscal establishments that will put money in our undertaking. What precisely is being built isn’t their concern. they chief purpose is to derive their invested money back and derive a net income from it. This is necessary for them to guarantee their primary undertaking: direction of pension or insurance financess. Architects

Architects are specialized in the planning. designing and supervising the buildings of edifices. Their undertaking is to plan our smaller undertakings such as the building procedure of our marina.

The undertaking of the urbanist is to optimise the effectivity of land usage and substructure. they will be helping in the big graduated table planning to guarantee the least sum of land is being used for the undertaking while keeping optimum quality. Estate agents

the estate agents undertaking is to sell the edifices of our undertaking. They can besides assist us help in finding the market potencies of an country. Civil Engineers
The Civil Engineers have the undertaking to plan. construct and keep the new canal and lock. They besides have to guarantee the safety of the country isn’t affected in a negative manner. Delta Managers
The Delta Mangers are organizing the country development. There are many histrions involved in this undertaking and the Delta Managers have to organize everything and do certain everyone works together decently. End Users

The terminal users play a cardinal function in the development of our 3rd connexion ; they are the mark group who will utilize the country after it is finished. The terminal users can be divided into two groups. the occupants and the enterprisers. The Civic society

Local occupants
The people who live in the country of development of class have a immense involvement in what is traveling to go on in their living country. they have several wants and demands and we have to keep these into history. Shop-owners

What goes for the local occupants goes for the store proprietors every bit good. The store proprietors have a mark group which might increase or diminish depending on the development of the country. we besides have to keep their wants and demands into history. 2. 3 Ecology

This chapter explains everything about the ecological facets. what consequences the 3rd connexion has on the quality of the H2O. the impact it has on the nature and the animate beings.

With the 3rd connexion there will be a direct connexion between the Veerse Meer and the North sea. The canal doesn’t go through any agricultural evidences so there won’t be any foods from the agribusiness fluxing into the Veerse Meer. This is a really positive facet since there is already an inordinate sum of foods in the Veerse Meer. The new connexion besides reduced the sum of foods since they can now flux into the sea. The O sums of the H2O will besides increase which brings many positive facets. merely like the chloride degrees will increase. 2. 3. 1 Water motion

The new connexion has a positive impact on the H2O motion. There won’t be much eroding due to the H2O decelerating down in the corner of the canal. The lock that the Civil applied scientists build allows the H2O degree to be equal as it is now. The H2O speed will hold a good impact on the Veerse Meer. it will kick up the H2O quality. When the Veerse Meer is once more connected to the sea. it will hold a more natural tide. currency and speed. Figure 2: Nature countries

Figure 2: Nature countries
2. 3. 2 Flora & A ; Fauna
The canal crosses a nature protected bird country. But this brings positive things to. there will be more nutrient for the birds so it creates a better home ground for the birds. Besides the land that we take is given back to nature every bit good in a different country so there won’t be a lessening in evidences for nature. It is certain that the H2O zoology and H2O animate beings will better tremendously. Animals have a good entree to the Veerse Meer and besides the vegetation is turning from the North sea to the Veerse Meer. The jobs that nowadays exist of the overgrowing sea boodle and the jelly fish job will be washed off by this new gap. This is by cause of the new and improved H2O quality and because of the new and improved H2O speed and flow. 2. 4 Target Groups

It is of import to cognize who the hereafter costumiers or users are because you have to do certain when you build something at that place will besides be people that make usage of this. If this is non the instance. the development will neglect. To look into which mark group we are heading for. we have to look at some undertakings before and what they did to cognize who their hereafter clients will be. 2. 4. 1 Market research and selling

Selling means that you can convey supply and demand together. In our country there are many households. if you have something that lone attracts 65 + people. it will non be a success. We focus on households and 40-50 twelvemonth old which has a moderate budget. We have seen this in the other undertaking around the Veerse meer ( Gebiedsvisie rondom het Veerse meer ) . When they wanted to better the beaches around the Veerse meer. they besides chose for excess houses around the beach. Peoples that were interested: -Man and married woman ( 40-50 old ages old )

-Young twosomes with household programs
-Families with kids and higher budget
Near the canal we besides want to do some excess cottages. to better the local economic system at that place. There will be about 30 cottages that can be bought and map as a house. The proprietors of the cottages are free to lease these cottages to others in instance they don’t utilize them all twelvemonth. 2. 4. 2 The 5 P’s

The 5 P’s from Kotler base for: place. monetary value. topographic point. merchandise and publicity. This is the cardinal thing for a development program. this method can give many replies that we need to settle down for the mark groups. Image 3: The 5p’s of Kotler.

Image 3: The 5p’s of Kotler.
Topographic point:
The north western portion of Nood-Beveland is a batch of nature country. This means we have to do certain that no-one can harm the nature. but it besides gives opportunities. We believe that a batch of future clients want to populate near a nice developed nature country. The location is most suited for immature twosomes and households with some excess budget. Because of the country. and there are a batch of installations in the country. like watersports. beaches and nature country. Merchandise:

The merchandises that we want to sell are chiefly the cottages. which people can purchase as a 2nd. recreational house. Positioning ( aim group )
– Which mark groups are at that place in the market?
Man and married woman ( 40-50 old ages old )
Retired people
Young twosomes with household programs
Families with kids and higher budget

Monetary value
The monetary value degrees and monetary value tendencies in this market are between 100. 000 euros and 200. 000 euros for these type of cottages. We want to do our cottages about the monetary value degree of 200. 000. For this we chose because you’ll get excess things back. There is more room in the house and a big garden. Promotion

There is some usage competition here in this country. For illustration the Roompot and the encampments near Kamperland. There are a batch people traveling at that place every twelvemonth and they have their ain costumiers. They country already good known. our undertaking is still need to be realized. The first twelvemonth we should non do any net incomes from the cottages in the country of Noord-Beveland. the factor that influence this is the competition in the country.

3 Undertaking Activities
Figure 4: Overview of where the activities are being built. Figure 4: Overview of where the activities are being built. The 3rd connexion serves multiple intents ; it will make new chances for touristry and work out ecological jobs. Based on the analysis of several facets. a program has been made. The canal will of class come with several smaller undertakings to advance these intents. We besides have to be certain that the new connexion will be safe both now. and in the hereafter. For these things the best possible program would be ( divided into several sub classs ) : Canal

-A canal will be built from the Veerse Meer straight to the North Sea. -Find a via media with the landholders to construct the canal.
-Small safety steps such as ladders at the side of the canal. -New Coastal steps are taken as the levee is breached.
-Ensure the safety of the Bankss of the canal.
-A lock will be built that allows boats to come in the North Sea and keep the current tallness of the H2O in the Veerse Meer. See appendix 1. -A new marina will be built near the canal to guarantee that there is adequate capacity for the boats. The marina will be epicurean to distinct itself from other marina’s in the country. -New cottages will be built. The cottages will be sold for an low-cost monetary value but they will be of high quality. Bungalows that aren’t sold can ever be rented. -A care country for sailing boats is included near the marina to mend or look into on boats. -A new bite saloon near the marina and cottages.

-Fish ladders will be built around the lock to ease the migration of the fish. -Analyze the impact of the H2O motion when a new canal is build. -Solve the job of the Portuguese man-of-wars.
-Analyze the impact of more salt in the Veerse Meer.
-New parking musca volitanss. 20 normal parking musca volitanss. and 10 private musca volitanss that can be bought. The private parking musca volitanss are along the seashore following to the marina and can’t be accessed without a key as it will be within a fencing. -A span has to be built to guarantee that the Oost Westweg will stay integral.


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