A Poet’s Mindset on War and Its Consequences Essay

In this essay the two verse forms being discussed are hawk roosting and charge of the light brigade. their mentality on war and struggle will be analysed with contrasts and similarities studied. Hawk Roosting is a really powerful poem the rubric suggests that the hawk is really comfy in its place at the ‘top of the world’ and there is more to the verse form so first meets the oculus. Ted Hughes writes the verse form seting himself into the organic structure and head of a hawk. The hawk is portrayed as an chesty power hungry being and Hughes is really good at demoing the manner the hawks head works in a figure of different state of affairss and in different topographic points. The subjects throughout most of the verse form revolve around power. ignorance and self-indulgence much like many powerful people of the universe today as this verse form compares the mentality of a hawk to a modern twenty-four hours dictator.

The hawk itself represents power and ignorance at the same clip because he thinks that he is the most of import animate being in the forests and he is nescient to the fact that he can non hold everything. in the verse form Hughes shows this really good by utilizing tonss of affectional linguistic communication and description about how the hawk thinks. The gap line. I sit in the top of the wood. my eyes closed. is mentioning to the hierarchy of the wood. The hawk thinks of itself as the male monarch of the forests. he is undisputed and fearless. Hughes goes on to state that the hawk wants or needs nil. no falsifying dream. his dreams are non something that he wants he already has everything he wants his dreams are his world. Hughes mentions the hawks hooked caput and aquiline pess next. Hughes is depicting these because they are his arms. his tools for killing. he is proud of them because they have helped him into the place at the top of the nutrient concatenation and. as the hawk thinks. to the top of the universe.

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The hawk is retrieving his perfect putting to deaths and practising for the following clip he needs to eat. or merely wants to kill. Hughes writes putting to deaths before chows proposing that to the hawk. violent death is more of import than eating. Even if the hawk did non hold to eat to last he would kill. merely for the merriment and bang. about as if it was his responsibility. it was what he was made for. The hawks position so shifts to his sphere. the convenience of the high trees. he sits at the top of the wood utilizing the high trees as an advantage to him so that he can see everything that is traveling on beneath him. he is like a director watching all his employees from a distance. The last line in this stanza shows that the hawk thinks it is more of import than the Earth itself. the hawk seems to believe that the Earth is subservient to him.

This full verse form represents a dictator or autocrat. they believe they are a the highest power or in relation to the verse form. top of the nutrient concatenation. they are untouchable for if anyone was out of line so there would be no job taking attention of it with the weaponries at the autocrats disposal much like the claws and beak of the hawk overmastering quarry and unrelentingly rending it apart. The whole consequence of the verse form on the reader about makes the reader experience slightly undistinguished. vulnerable and even threatened. as the hawk Tells of how it. like a steamroller. crushes all in his way with easiness and without vacillation. During parts of the verse form where the hawk boasts of its power the construction of the sentences emphasis its authorization. yet in sentences where the hawk glides over the forest and all in it the sentences flow into each other.

Whereas charge of in the light brigade the subject of the verse form is associated with pride in conflict. altruism. and true courage. The soldiers in Charge of the Light Brigade have evidently fell victim to a tragic error from their lieutenant to sit into conflict against 1000s although they had merely six hundred weather work forces The verse form is really regular in it construction. with several illustrations of repeat. The Charge of the Light Brigade is a narrative verse form. with each of the stanzas escalating the narrative of the onslaught. The beat of the gap lines creates a relentless round which is continued throughout the verse form. reflecting the equitation of the Light Brigade into conflict on horseback. Tennyson’s heavy usage of repeat in the verse form is possibly intended to pass on the inexorability of the charge. and of the dangers faced by the Brigade. These dangers are presented as being ineluctable. with decease inevitable

“Cannon to the right of them.
Cannon to the left of them.
Cannon in forepart of them”

“Into the jaws of Death.
Into the oral cavity of Hell”

The concluding two lines of the first three stanzas act as a chorus. picturing realisation of the inevitableness of decease regardless of the unsighted heroism projected. Tennyson’s usage of initial rhyme creates a more splanchnic consequence. that is. it helps to make a realistic and powerful description. Tennyson uses a rhetorical inquiry at the beginning of the concluding stanza: “When can their glorification fade? ” After the five old stanzas the reply to this inquiry is clear: their glorification should non melt. as their forfeit is symbolic of all those who sacrifice their lives for the state.

The verse form offers a balance of glorious linguistic communication. which celebrates the Brigade. and in writing description of the danger they faced. In decision. these poets’ attitude to struggle is really different. Ted Hughes sees the power behind war and dressed ores on the behaviour of leaders and their control over their followings. nevertheless Alfred Tennyson concentrates on the soldiers nationalism and gallantry in conflict this Is influenced in no little portion I imagine because he was poet laureate of the Crown.


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