A Separate Peace Chapters 6-10 Essay

Directions: Answer the undermentioned inquiries on THIS sheet of paper. You DO Not necessitate to reply in complete sentences. It is best to seek to reply these as you read. since the inquiries are listed in the order in which they appear in the book. 1. Who is Cliff Quakenbush? What happens between him and Gene? Cliff is a director. And they both get into a verbal battle.

2. Who calls Gene on the first twenty-four hours back to school?


3. Who is Brinker Hadley. and what does he state truly happened to Finny that twenty-four hours in the tree?

He is the hub of the category. He claimed that Gene intentionally pushed Finny of the tree

4. Why does Gene go forth the Butt Room without smoking a coffin nail?

Because he forgot to analyze for the Gallic trial.

5. How do the male childs at Devon contribute to the war attempt?

The Enlist

6. Who decides to enlist in the war? Why does Gene stop up non following through with his hitch?

Gene decides to enlist in the war. Gene didnt travel through the hitch because he decided to remain with Finny.

7. Why is Finny developing Gene for the Olympics?

Because Finny wants to do certain that Gene does non turn out to be a fat old adult male

8. What is the winter carnival. and whose thought is it?

The winter carnival is Finny’s thought of a athleticss universe.

9. What happens at Leper’s “Christmas Location” ?
Leper manages to get away from the undercover agents and hopes to run into Gene at the Christmas Location.

10. How does Gene react to what Leper tells him?
Gene becomes aggravated and doesn’t believe Leper.


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