A Special Place. Essay

There is a place where my family travels every weekend in the summer. I have gone there ever since I can remember. I have pictures of my family and me up there from before I was one year old. This is a place I call my “camp”. My grandparents moved up there a few years ago and now live there all year round. It Is a very family-oriented place, and all of my Dad’s close family has houses up around there. All the houses are so close that many generations of cousins have all grown up together. My camp Is on Lake Winnipesaukee. N New Hampshire. There are many imposing mansions on Lake Winnipesaukee. Some are owned be people such as Brittany Spears, Steve Leach of the Bruins, and the owners of the Marriott and Demodulates corporations, who are neighbors. Many others have houses up there and it is making it a very loud lake. It seems like in order to show off how much money you have, you’ve got to buy a bigger boat than your neighbor and add more additions onto your house. Most people who live on the lake now were not there when the land of my camp was bought.

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A Special Place. Essay
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When my camp was constructed In 1 930 by my great grandfather, It was a sleeping cabin to the main house, on our cousin’s land, bullet In 1907. More recently, the sleeping cabin was moved back and a egger house was bullet In Its place. We have one of the best views on the entire lake! It is a perfect view of the northern and southern mountains. Not many big loud boats come in the area of my camp because it is on a narrow passageway between an island and the main land called the Barber’s Pole. All summer long I swim, go boating and go fishing. One time I swam almost a mile with my cousins.

We swam from one island where their camp is to another island that only has room for one little house! My dad is always water-skiing. It’s a lot of fun to watch what he will do next when he’s up on his slalom ski! My brother usually has busy summer working but anytime he’s not, he comes up with us. My brother and l, or anyone else who Is up with me, sleep In a tent that Is on a platform that my grandfather bullet with my dad. It Is Just a bit below the sleeping cabin that was moved back. We call that cabin “The Ark”. My parents have a bed in there along with a small closet.

My dad and Grandfather built the little addition of the closet and an outside shed to the back of The Ark few years ago. Each time I go up to my camp I feel as if I have seen it all before, but when I get to bring my friends up, I remember why its so special to me. Each night I look up at the tars and think of all the other times I have seen the same stars, yet I feel something different. With each time I watch the sunset, I think of all the people who are missing out on seeing the reds, pinks, purples and oranges all swirled together.

There Is nothing Like watching the sunset over the mountains reflecting on a lake, followed by thousands of stars shelling brightly down at you. It’s Like having an amazing 3-course meal followed by the most brilliant dessert with all the toppings. Lots of birds can be seen when you stay, even hummingbirds can be spotted several times during just tell where they will dart off to next. The colors of green and red-orange blur together when they flap their wings. I once brought my boyfriend Jack up to camp and he got sick.

Even though this happened, he always wants to come back. I love how little things will not matter and won’t make my camp seem like a bad place. Along the road into my camp, which is all dirt and rocks, are ponds and many trails that lead back into deep woods where you can sometimes spot deer and fox. My dad once within 2 feet of a deer and it didn’t move. Even though the deer usually are not in contact with people, they seem to know that we wont hurt them when they stop y. There are countless blueberry bushes along the road in.

Two houses down from my camp, at my dad’s aunt’s camp, the land is almost all covered in blueberry bushes. We have blueberry muffins, pancakes, waffles and every other blueberry thing imaginable when we are up during the right season. Many fruit and vegetable stands are so close that we hardly ever go to the food store, which is in the town over. Although we live in Outboard, Wolfram is Just one town over and that is the place I call “downtown”. There are many fun stores including my favorite called Stay Tuned. It has a bunch of music, cool Jewelry, clothes and little trinkets.

We also have a clothing store, a shoe store, a store for anything to do with the water or being near it, 3 ice cream stores and several more awesome places. I always go to the Ben and Jersey’s ice cream store with my friends to buy sundaes! All of these reasons and so many more make my camp a really special place, even in it’s boring times I still love to get away from the craziness of the city and relax while watching the water. There is no replacement to the sights and sounds of being in a New Hampshire forest surrounded by a few family members and a lake.


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