A Study Of Installing Computer Networks Art Essay

This assignment will let showing an apprehension of put ining webs for calculating and telephone on a individual site plus catering for the demands of nomadic staff. I will be after the execution of webs to run into the demands of a new web design bureau that is traveling into an office in an bing office block.


Top Web, a web design bureau is traveling into new office adjustment in an bing edifice in the local country. This will be the exclusive location of the company. Top Web has a figure of clients within the part and requires state-of-the art webs for its computing machine and telephone systems.

Top Web has a staff of 15 people, comprising:

  • 2 Undertaking Directors who besides own the company as a partnership. Undertakings for each client are managed by a individual Project Manager.
  • 2 Graphic Interior designers who are responsible for all graphics including prototyping website designs and bring forthing images for web sites and paper-based advertisement stuff.
  • 3 Web Designers who are responsible for interpreting designs into standards-compliant XHTML and CSS. They are besides responsible for SEO work.
  • 3 Web Programmers who are responsible for making the dynamic content for web sites via SQL, PHP, asp.net, etc.
  • 4 Gross saless Assistants who are responsible for bring forthing new and repetition concern.
  • 1 Clerical Assistant who is responsible for general disposal responsibilities.

The company requires a suite of computing machines with package for general disposal ( office suite ) and any package that is specific for the function of the staff members. Workstations will be connected to the company web that will let communicating throughout Top Web via a company intranet. The company will besides be required to direct their work electronically to their clients for reappraisal so the web should let for the transmittal of really big files both internally and externally.

The company telephone system requires a cardinal patchboard operated by the Clerical Assistant plus direct dialing into each single member of the company. Typical modern telephone maps such as call waiting, conference calls, etc will be required.

Undertaking Managers, along with other members of staff, on a regular basis visit clients to discourse their undertakings. They need to be able to join forces electronically with the chief office to discourse thoughts in real-time including graphics, web designs, etc. The installed web demand to be able to manage this coaction and suited hardware and package must be supplied to run into the demands of staff when they are out of the office.

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3. Task 3 17 — — — -21

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Undertaking 1

Undertaking 1 30 Marks

Investigate telephone systems available in your state for single-site organisation such as Top Web. Pay peculiar attending to:

  1. The chief equipment that would be installed. ( 5 Markss )
  2. The characteristics available with each system. ( 10 Markss )
  3. The cost of equipment and installing. ( 5 Markss )
  4. The cost of runing the system. ( 5 Markss )

Supply a recommendation for which system to buy and give grounds for this recommendation. ( 5 Markss )

The telecommunications equipment, which is installed on premises belonging to the telecommunications user. Typically, but non entirely, the equipment will be as follow,

  • Telephone instruments ;
  • Private Branch Exchanges ( PBXs ) ;
  • Key Telephone Systems ( KTSs ) ;
  • Automatic Call Distribution ( ACD ) system ;
  • Voice Processing Systems ;
  • Telephone replying machines ;

a ) The chief equipment that would be installed

Private Branch exchange is to link any internal extension to any external line and to let internal extensions to link to each other. Key Telephone System is basically to supply all of the maps of a PBX and to supply a more economic option to a PBX for smaller installing. PBXs are more economic for larger installings and PBX system selects external lines. KTS do non hold a cardinal processor and do non hold a switchboard console.

A typical concern or office telephone system with more than one telephone extension or French telephone is known as a PBX ( Private Branch Exchange ) or PABX ( Private Automated Branch Exchange ) . The PBX makes the connexion between one or more telephone lines to the local telephone exchange and the telephone French telephones in the office. PBX extensions are non limited to French telephones used by people but may include other extensions for usage by car attenders, Hunt groups, voice mail, fax machines or other devices

In KTS system, Single wiring systems can offer practical, flexible installing options for electrical installings with map care. The systems are suited to perpendicular and horizontal installing and are approved for the fire protection classes E30 and E90. Standardised back uping buildings as defined in the proving criterion, DIN 4102 Part 12, include: The routing of overseas telegrams with clinchs and the routing of overseas telegrams with profile tracks, U clinchs and a long arm.

There are particular ordinances valid for electrical installings in the country of exigency and flight paths, because there must be a warrant that these paths can be used safely if there is a fire. Detailss are specified by the German guideline ( MLAR systems ) . The demands of this directive can be fulfilled either by flushmounted overseas telegrams, by an installing in fire protection by flush-mounted overseas telegrams, by an installing in fire protection canal systems or overseas telegram installings with specially tested puting systems above suspended fire protection ceilings. OBO Bettermann offers these installings in different practical discrepancies.

B ) The characteristics available with each system

PBX is to link any internal extension to any external line and T o allow internal extensions to link to each other. KTS is basically to supply all of the maps of a PBX and to supply a more economic option to a PBX for smaller installing. KTS do non hold a cardinal processor. PBXs are more economic for larger installings. KTS user selects external. PBX system selects external lines. KTS do non hold a switchboard console.

The characteristics of the PBXs were slightly limited and fundamentally consisted of the undermentioned capablenesss:

  • to dial other extensions
  • to dial outside lines
  • to do an question call to another extension whist connected to an external call
  • to reassign the external call to the extension where an question call had merely been made

Some popular characteristics that PBX systems normally provide include an auto-attendant, conferencing, music on clasp, dial by name or extension, and voice mail. More advanced characteristics such as computer-telephony integrating ( CTI ) can be purchased for an extra cost.

A cardinal telephone systems ( KTS or cardinal systems ) is a multi-line private telephone web that allows each key telephone station to choose one of several telephone lines. Key systems contain a cardinal service unit ( KSU ) that coordinates position visible radiations and lines to identify telephones ( Key Sets ) . Cardinal systems have some advanced call processing characteristics such as call clasp, busy position, and station-to-station intercom.
KTS are comparatively simple non-switching telephone systems. The KSU merely interfaces ( connects ) cardinal sets to the public telephone lines allow calls to straight go through through. The KSU does feeling and supply show position lines to each cardinal service unit. The first coevals cardinal systems allowed multi-button telephones to hold an visual aspect ( e.g. , a button ) for multiple terminal office lines. When the incoming telephone line received a ringing signal, the key system flashed the appropriate button. To reply the call, the user picked up the French telephone and pressed the blinking button. This off-hook indicant is sensed by the KSU which consequences in the the cardinal set ‘s line position visible radiation to go solid. This indicated to other telephone users that the line was being used.

All modern PBXs and KTSs still have these four chief characteristics but over the old ages many others have been developed. Almost all of these have come about because concern life has become progressively demanding on staff clip. As a consequence staffs are really frequently off from their desks and hence non available to do or have telephone calls.

degree Celsius ) The cost of equipment and installing

Typical criterion phone system from a taking trade name: $ 5478 installed in PBX
Capable of 16 phones and 6 lines maximal ( 6×16 system )
Configured with 8 phones and 4 lines
Standard “ cardinal system ” characteristics
Standard three-line basic phones
Requires expensive on-site visits for ascents and alterations

vitamin D ) The cost of operation system

In PBX services, the cost effectual are as follow

Table 1-1 demonstrates the cost decrease and operational nest eggs generated by the streamlined procedure of managing and easing IP telephone adds, moves, and alterations.

Table 1-1 P Telephony Impact on Adds, Moves, and Changes: San Jose Campus IT/Telecom Savings: Fiscal Year 2002 ( August Through June )





Undertaking moves


$ 3.00

$ 11,244

Individual moves


$ 50.00

$ 6,150

Adds ( new hires/configurations )


$ 50.00

$ 440,300


$ 0.00

$ 0.00

$ 457,694

WPR** Savingss

Decrease of contracted services to back up MACs

Fiscal Year 2001

Fiscal Year 2002

Type of Service

Average $ /Move

Average $ /Move


Disconnect/reconnect systems support

$ 39.38

$ 3.62

$ 153,503

( Approximately 91 per centum of disbursal reduced )

Other Benefits

Move procedure clip shortened

Zero downtime of phones

Higher client satisfaction

Integration of resources

  • Cost discrepancy between IP and non-IP MACs
  • WPR = WorkPlace Resources

Factoring in the preceding premises, the IP Telephony Remote Network Management ( RNM ) , the service that monitors the IP Telephony web remotely, was identified as farther cut downing on-going entire cost of ownership due to IP Telephony extinguishing support operating expense and uniting LAN/WAN, PSTN, and PBX support, as shown in Table 1-2.

Table 1-2 Impact on Entire Cost of Ownership

PBX Support Comparison

Traditional TDM PBX Support

IP Telephony-RNM Telephony

PBX care

Upgrade support

PBX direction


PSTN direction

LAN direction

Remote site direction

Infrastructure alterations

Care fees

Sold individually

Dispatch or labour

Dispatch or labour

Not included

Not included

Not included

Not included

Cisco SMARTnet

Cisco SAS






Priced individually


we recommend the Private Branch Exchanges ( PBXs ) . Because, most PBXs have two signifiers of brief dialing, one where the dialing library is common to the full system and the other where it is restricted to the peculiar extension line. The extension user is allowed to programmer the 2nd type utilizing their telephone instrument. Up until about 20 old ages ago the characteristics of PBXs were really much the same as their public exchange opposite numbers. As concern became more demanding, PBXs became much more characteristic rich.

Undertaking 2

Undertaking 2 -15 Marks


Investigate the possible web topologies ( 5 Markss ) and media ( 5 Markss ) that could be used to make the in-house web ( LAN ) for usage by all squads. Explain how the topologies operate.

Supply a recommendation for which topology and medium to utilize and give grounds for this recommendation ( 5Marks ) .

Bus Topology

A coach web uses a multi-drop transmittal and all the in-between nodes portion a common coach and communicating on the web. All constituents of the coach topology with a spinal column, a individual overseas telegram section that connects all the computing machines in a consecutive line. A coach topology is non a practical pick because topology has moved past this out-of-date method of linking computing machines. A eradicator is required for the signal to be absorbed, so they are non back in the coach reflected.

Ringing Topology

When each computing machine connects straight to the following computing machine in line, stoping at the get downing computing machine, a circle of overseas telegram signifiers to make a ring topology web. Signals travel in merely one way around the ring because the circle has no terminal, expiration is non required. A signal is transferred consecutive via “token” from one station to the following. A typical single-ring web can neglect if one computing machine in the ring fails, but a dual-ring web can run around any such failure. Although a ring topology is used in web engineerings such as Fiber Distributed Data Interface ( FDDI ) .

Star Topology

A star topology describes computing machines connected by overseas telegram sections to a cardinal device. The star topology does n’t stipulate how signals should go from computing machine to computing machine, merely that overseas telegrams connect computing machines to a cardinal device. A star networks consists of one cardinal switch, hub or computing machine, which acts as a conduit to convey messages. The cardinal hub received all transmittals from any peripheral node to all peripheral nodes on the web, sometimes including the originating node.

Mesh Topology

A mesh web topology is the most fault tolerant, but besides the most expensive. Connect each device on a web to each device on the web creates a mesh web topology. Any device in a individual overseas telegram or failure in a mesh topology affects web public presentation because of multiple connexions to each device. Mesh webs are self-healing: the web can go on runing when a node breaks down or a connexion is established is incorrect. There are more than one way between a transmitter and a receiving system on the web.


Coaxial Cable

A type of wire That Consists of a centre wire insularity and Then Surrounded by a grounded shield of braided wire. Coaxial cabling is the primary type of telegraphing Used by the overseas telegram telecasting industry and is widely Besides Used for computing machine webs, Such as Ethernet. It is more expensive Than criterion telephone wire, it is much less susceptible to Interference and chase carry much more informations.

Twisted-pair overseas telegram

A type of overseas telegram that consists of two independently insulated wires twisted around one another. The usage of two wires twisted together helps to cut down XT and electromagnetic initiation. Twisted-pair overseas telegram is used by older telephone webs and is the least expensive type of local-area web ( LAN ) overseas telegram, most webs contain some twisted-pair cabling at some point along the web.

Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber ocular cabling consists of a halfway glass nucleus surrounded by several beds of protective stuffs. It transmits visible radiation instead than electronic signals extinguishing the job of electrical intervention. The centre nucleus of fibre overseas telegrams is made from glass or plastic fibres. The outer insulating jacket made of Teflon or PVC. There are two common types of fibre overseas telegrams — individual manner and multimode. Multimode overseas telegram has a larger diameter ; nevertheless, both overseas telegrams provide high bandwidth at high velocities. Single manner can supply more distance, but it is more expensive.


I explained four types of web topologies such as coach, star, mesh and ring topologies. Among them, could be used star topology twisted brace overseas telegram for the internal web ( LAN ) . A star web uses a cardinal waiter to route informations between clients. A star topology is designed with each node connected straight to a cardinal web hub, switch or connection. All user nodes are connected via a dedicated nexus to the cardinal waiter node. If a node other than the waiter fails, all other avenues are still available and non the full web. A star web is easy to put in and wire, to observe mistakes, to take the parts and no breaks to the web when connecting or taking devices. However, a star web requires more overseas telegram length than a line topology. If the hub, switch or concentrator fails, nodes attached are disabled. A distorted brace overseas telegram has four brace of wires inside the jacket. Each brace is twisted with a different figure of bends per inch. While twisted-pair overseas telegram is used by older telephone webs and is the least expensive local web ( LAN ) overseas telegram, most webs contain some twisted-pair cabling at some point along the web.

Undertaking 3

Investigate the demands for making the company intranet including the undermentioned information:

  • Options for hardware to host the intranet, including costs of purchase, running and keeping the hardware. ( 8 Markss )
  • Options for widening this to an extranet to let for place working and entree by staff whilst at clients ‘ premises. ( 8 Markss )
  • Options for storage of electronic files. The company will necessitate a big figure sum of storage for images and picture that is used on client ‘s web sites. ( 8 Markss )

Supply a recommendation for how the intranet/extranet and storage should be set up and run, and give grounds for this recommendation. ( 3*2 Markss )

An intranet is a restricted entree web that works in the same manner and offers the same type of installations as the Internet, but is n’t really portion of it. On an intranet electronic mail, FTP, HTTP, web entree and Newsgroups can be provided as portion of a secure managed web. Normally owned and managed by a corporation, an intranet enables a company to portion its resources with its users without confidential information being made available to anyone with Internet entree.

Most endeavor webs are really intranets. An intranet is by and large built on the TCP/IP protocol and it is in kernel a private Internet. Like the Internet, intranets are designed to portion information and services, but they are accessible merely to the administration ‘s members, with suited mandate. A typical intranet depicts an intranet construction in which a local web waiter provides Internet applications, such as electronic mail, FTP, and web shoping for the web without utilizing the public telephone system.

One of the most widely used maps of WAN is the electronic mail ( electronic mail ) characteristic. This characteristic enables Internet users to direct and have electronic messages to and from each other over the cyberspace. A particular application, called the File Transfer protocol ( FTP ) is used to upload and download information to and from the WWW. FTP is a client/server type of package application. The server version tallies on the host computing machine and the client version runs on the user ‘s station. HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a client/server protocol used to direct and have files on the Internet. A client is any web workstation that sends a petition to a Web waiter.

B ) Options for widening this to an extranet

An extranet is efficaciously a practical intranet that is hosted on a system tally and managed by a 3rd party without the disbursal of running our ain waiters. The extranet a partly, partly private web agreement. Some type of firewall device or package typically blocks unauthorised, outside users from accessing the intranet site. The construct of an extranet is closely linked with Virtual Private Networks ( VPNs ) .

The construct of practical private web is designed to enable companies and organisations use the Internet anchor, a good channel for communicating of private information without holding to construct and keep our ain planetary private web. VPNs allow remote offices, nomadic users, and even concern spouses or clients to utilize the Internet instead than expensive lines, to link to corporate webs. The creative activity of VPNs besides allows us to cut down the duties of place web direction with much of the load of communications delivered to a distant ISP.
VPNs can besides be used to link distant LANs together or to go, work, place employees and concern spouses an easy manner to make past the company firewall and utilize the resources of the company. The chief advantage of VPN is its flexibleness. You can make, spread out, cut down or shut at will the web decision maker, doing them ideal for short-run undertakings.

C ) Options for storage of electronic files

An of import determination to do when taking a papers direction system is where we want the package hosted. If we run it in-house, the solution is normally referred to as a client-server system ; vendor-run applications are referred to as application service supplier ( ASP ) solutions. Both options provide distinguishable advantages: consider which are more of import to us.

A client waiter web depicts a typical client/server LAN constellation. In this type of LAN, control tends to be really centralised. The waiter typically holds the plans and informations for its client computing machines. It besides provides security and web policy enforcement.

In some instances, the client units do non even include a local hard-drive. The bootup procedure is performed through onboard BIOS, and no information is stored at the client machine. This type of client is referred to as a diskless workstation.

vitamin D ) Electronic Files

The file waiter is a computing machine attached to a web and has the primary intent of supplying a location for shared disc entree for illustration a shared storage of computing machine files which can be accessed by the workstations which are attached to the web. The term waiter means the function of the machine in the client-server strategy, where the clients are the workstations utilizing the storage. A file waiter is non executing any computations, and does non run any plans on behalf of the clients. The file waiter is designed to able the rapid storage and retrieval of informations that the heavy calculation is provided by the workstations. The file waiter can run the personal web site, backup files, portion paperss and entree the information on the web. We have a certain facets of our web site merely to certain people. When we travel to entree our informations from anywhere ‘s groups on concern undertaking work is enhance by leting many people entree to the same files. Cremation is the best resource for working with locks, logging provisioning and people on the cyberspace.


In above messages, we recommended the HTTP ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ) . Because it is a client/server protocol used to direct and have files on the Internet. Most Internet applications on the World Wide Web usage HTTP. HTTP is packaged with all Web browsers and is the default protocol with browsers.

And so, we recommended the VPNs ( Virtual Private Networks ) . VPNS allow cut downing in house web direction duties with much of the distant communications load turned over to an ISP. The chief advantage of VPNs is the flexibleness. They are point- to-multipoint connexions instead than point-to-point links. So, VPNs can besides be used to associate distant LANs together or give traveling staff, work at place employees and concern spouses a simple manner to make past company firewalls are tap into company resources. Following, we recommended the client/server web because the client units do non even include a local hard-drive or floppy thrust unit.

Undertaking 4


Investigate the Internet connexion demands for Top Web.

  • Describe the Internet services that may be required. ( 5 Markss )
  • Explain the connexion velocities that are suited for these demands. ( 3 Markss )
  • Find illustrations of Internet Service Providers ( ISPs ) that can run into these demands in your state. ( 4 Markss )
  • Make a recommendation to utilize one peculiar ISP based upon the services offered and monetary value charged. ( 3 Markss )

A ) Our Top Web ( a web design bureau ) is used for electronic mail and Internet services. Email is the transmittal of messages over communications webs. Some email systems are limited to a computing machine system or web, but others have gateways to other computing machine systems, leting users to direct mail anyplace in the universe. Companies that are to the full computerized make extended usage of electronic mail because it is fast, flexible and dependable. Normally, merely takes a few seconds or proceedingss for mail to make your finish. This is a peculiarly effectual manner to pass on with a group, because it can convey a message or papers to everyone in the group at a clip.
Navigation is the electronic equivalent of rolling the library shelves in hunt of something interesting and relevant attending, and following the mentions of an point, like a book or magazine to another. Now it can be copied by electronic agencies, for illustration, while utilizing the WWW is possible to voyage from one site to another by following links.

B ) Bandwidth is used as a information transportation rate that the sum of informations that are portable from one point to another over a period of clip. Whenever the connexion velocity of a signal is measured in Hertz, the difference of a given bandwidth is shown in Hz between the highest frequence of the signal and uses the lowest frequence it uses. The bandwidth required MKB 256 MB or 512. A typical voice signal has a bandwidth of about 3 kilohertzs and an parallel telecasting ( Television ) broadcast picture signal has a bandwidth of 6 MHz

C ) Myanmar Teleport

Myanmar Teleport aims are to bring forth consciousness of progresss in information and communicating engineering to advance engineering transportation and open the door to concern chances in local and regional and planetary markets. The engineering is singular and in fact has changed the manner we do concern. The dynamism of ICT has established a new paradigm for fight, economic growing and societal development.

Yatanarpon Teleport

Teleport Yatanarpon an chance to go forth behind the state ‘s societal economic development. Our end is to set up Myanmar as a package developer and exporter. Technology for country-wide networking, along with the capablenesss to supply telecommunications services such as fiber ocular and wireless local cringles, Gateway, the information centre services, Internet and intranet services door nexus.


I would urge the election Myanmar Teleport for the undermentioned services to Myanmar Teleport. If you are utilizing the Internet to look into electronic mails, read the TI web site, you are non a heavy cyberspace user and do non necessitate one of the highest commands offered big download bounds. You straight aspect of instruction, communicating and conveyance due to 256kbps to 512 kbps teleport feel fast plenty for you. Therefore, it appears that the influence of information and communicating

Undertaking 5

A ) A PBX is connected to the internal and external line to widen the internal connexion between them. A PBX device is the direction of the telephone line and extensions. A PBX is non merely expensive but besides limited to a certain figure of lines and phones. The constituents of the PBX are DS1 card that supports T1/E1 PRI ISDN, CAT 5 and tandem exchanging overseas telegrams or lines linking the bole, and B-channels.
A KTS is to supply all the PBX characteristics and a cheaper option to PBX for little installing. KTS is user installable and allow multiple lines without holding to pay charge to the telephone company. The constituents of the KTA are powerful faculty ( KTS 570 ) , internal arranger DAB exchange, networking and multimedia support.

B ) Features of Private Branch Exchange

  • The of import characteristic of PBX is our personal client service and support.
  • PBX supports that organisation ‘s gateway
  • DSP supports call processing and voice traffic on PBX web
  • QSIG T1/E1 ISDN-PRI lines between Private Branch Exchange and organisation ‘s gateway
  • Use of Coordinated Dial Plan, Universal Dial Plan or similar routing

Features of Key Telephone System

  • KTS do non hold a cardinal processor
  • KTS user selects external line
  • KTS do non hold a switchboard console
  • KTS meets the highest demands for deepness of proving and easiness of operation.
  • KTS provides the operator with practical maps for every nosology instance.

C ) Cost of Private Branch Exchange

Item: A1831-1214-00-75

  • Monetary value: $ 0 704.28
  • UTP overseas telegram Class 1 ( $ .30 per metre )
  • RJ-11 connections
  • UTP overseas telegram Category 5 1 ( $ 0.30 per metre )
  • RJ-45 connections ( $ 0.15 per metre )

D ) Cost operating of PBX

For VoIP fans, the good intelligence is that IP telephone in the endeavor, as evidenced by planetary gross revenues of IP PBX s, is on path to about wholly replace its TDM opposite number. The bad intelligence is that it ‘s merely replacement, non displacing. And the riotous types who would wish to rush their companies ‘ take-up of VoIP have an utmost job: The things that make IP PBXs so attractive to users carry small weight with those make up one’s minding whether to deploy them.

Cost operating of KTS

Key Telephone Systems are found in little companies where fewer characteristics are required. There is an mean pricing for the different types of office phone systems, extra characteristics and the figure of employees in the close hereafter can do the overall costs to fluctuate a spot.


I would urge to take Private Branch Exchange, as system is much less expensive than linking an external telephone line to each phone organisation. Private Branch Exchange to portion the telephone line of the system, cut downing the overall costs of telecommunications. The PBX system is programmable and supported the integrating demands and telecommunication. There a assortment of series with the system private subdivision exchange. The system PBX is easy expandible as the company grows.


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