A transnational company firm Essay


A multinational company ( TNC ) is a house which has the power to coordinate and control operations in more than one state. With the assistance of a TNC as a instance survey, I will analyze to what extent it is good for a TNC to offshore its fabrication subdivision to a LEDC.

China has been economically stable since the really early 90 ‘s where TNC started to setup their houses. The authorities of China has been indulgent with different import/export barriers, including trade stoppages and take downing the responsibility revenue enhancement, trusting to pull possible companies to setup houses, therefore making a multiplier consequence for China to develop. Shenzhen is a good illustration where celebrated houses ( Black & A ; Decker, Philips, Nokia ) have contributed to increase national income and ingestion of China.

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Established in 1996, Xintai.ltd is a little house ( secondary sector ) that specialize guitar parts. Their chief headquarter resides in Hong-Kong known as the HK-Xintai.ltd subdivision. The fabrication subdivision was moved to Shenzhen, Yuwu territory ( China ) , using geographical benefits.

China is a successful fabrication land, as the CEO ( name disclosed ) references how labour-demanding China is, with low import and export responsibility for natural stuffs and transporting out finished goods. The company today has 100 employees and running successfully.

Today large houses move their fabrication division across the Earth to profit physical factors ( i.e. conditions for agribusiness ) , saving-cost ( labour-demand in China ) and handiness ( i.e. Hong-Kong ‘s celebrated biggest transportation ports ) . These factors benefit companies to go more productive, like save transporting cost if located to a busy market or take advantage of intense unskilled labor for flow production. A TNC has the ability to take-advantage of another state ‘s geographical differences in the distribution of factors of production ( like resources, labor and capital ) .

1. Where is the mill?

The full location of the house Xintai.ltd is to be found in: Yuwu Industrial Zone, DongchengDistrict, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

Geographic location:

Xintai.ltd is located within an industrial-park where other little mills / houses setup together like a community. Industrial-parks are good as they create a stronger market-pull to pull possible purchasers. The transit logistics cost between multiple houses runing together saves money as goods are transported in greater majority. Management cost like security cost lessenings as cost is shared. China, ( particularly Guangdong and Shenzhen ) is popular with industrial-parks because of its immense market purchasing-power for foreign investors and handiness of plentiful unskilled labor. This peculiar Yuwu industrial-park specializes in electronic constituents which makes sense why Xintai.ltd would turn up at that place to see the supplier-chain consequence to be supplied parts from other makers within the industrial-park.

The orbiter map below shows a immense array of residential-blocks outlying in the center of the Yuwu industrial-park. At the sou’-west of the mill is a nearby trading market ( like a trading carnival ) for possible investors, venturers and majority buyers. Hong-Kong boundary line is merely 40 proceedingss off from Dongguan and Shenzhen

2. Primary / secondary informations aggregation ; Methodology

In order to look into why Xintai.ltd would desire to relocate their fabrication subdivision to a LEDC, I have brainstormed and researched possible push and pull factors to do a company to switch their operations regionally. A CEO interview will besides be conducted about concern operations, including transporting / importation, responsibility revenue enhancement, authorities grants and conditions that could be long-run good to turn up in China.

A director interview will find the demographics of the work force in the mill, including age, diverseness and vicinity. Demographic findings are indispensable to separate the labour pull factors to turn up Xintai.ltd in China, every bit good as comparing the work force to MEDC to look into why Xintai.ltd has transferred to China.

I have devised my essay inquiry into three chief classs that would impact the concern environment depending the house ‘s strategic location. These include socioeconomics of work force, the geographical / physical scrutiny of the house ‘s location and external influences ( factors a company can non command ) . Here is a list of factors brainstormed that may impact turn uping a mill:

Social-Economic factors of work force

– This may include the instruction and literacy rate of workers finding unskilled/skilled degree. Normally LEDC that offers plentiful unskilled laborers are good in long-run, particularly in mass-production where work force is needed and simple accomplishments on conveyer belt is needed. The vicinity of work force scattering shows how concentrated the labour supply it is for a topographic point. The salary/wages may be influential for concern benefit cheaper labor cost, particularly countries with non-legislated minimal pay.

Geographical and physical scrutiny of mill location

Geogrpahical location determines how good the mill is located from handiness ( route web and expressway ) every bit good as the typical clime around the house that may be specialized for fabricating procedure. Proximity to market is besides ideal for a concern to salvage transit cost.

External influence

These are the factors that a concern can non command. For illustration authorities grant / subordinates may be offered when a mill is developed in an country to cut down unemployment. Pressure groups / environmental protection groups are besides portion of the external influence that can alter the way of a concern or freshly setup mill ( i.e. pollution the local original home ground ) .

Anticipated troubles during informations aggregation:

Throughout the probe, linguistic communication barriers is a concern of good communicating to supply accurate feedback and informations ; verbally and written-based. Another communication-based dependability job is the director ‘s interview may be subjective in penchant to the interviewer ‘s point of views or biased. I besides fear how the unskilled work force may be nonreader to my questionnaire, therefore linguistic communication barriers may come up higher because my Mandarin is n’t up to rub. Obtaining maps are comparatively difficult to happen the perfect graduated table around Xintai.ltd mill. Maps may besides be outdated of all time since the route web has been revamped for the Beijing Olympics. Figures and indexs used for comparing Hong-Kong and Guangdong may be outdated or vary from different beginnings. Speaking of certifications, Xintai.ltd may non supply proper certification ( due to privateness ) to backup grounds or do support claims. The variable exchange rate of RMB and HKD for ciphering land monetary value may Locality of work force scattering from workers ‘ place

The reading of work force vicinity shows the convenience of handiness for workers to work in Xintai.ltd mill every bit good as the ability of labour-pull. Measuring the distance and clip it takes to go to work is the cardinal method to understand how far the work force is dispersed within the community.

A graded sampling technique was used to split ( try the population harmonizing to proportion of skilled and unskilled ) the 70 workers ( 62 unskilled, 8 skilled ) nowadays in the mill to work out a proportion of workers I should give my questionnaire of entire 20 to.cause inaccuracies.

Part 3: Analysis and reading of informations ( dependability and significance )

Education and literacy rate of work force

When Xintai.ltd located their fabrication subdivision in China to utilize cheaper-labour and benefit concern statute laws, the unskilled work force from Xintai.ltd are basic in labour accomplishments and instruction. There is 2 mill line workers have non completed their primary degree instruction ( which is now made mandatary in China to finish in-between school [ so as Hong-Kong ] before it is optional to drop out ) .

The degree of instruction within the work force varies ; the laborers with semi-skilled to to the full skilled consist 47.92 % of 94 workers which is about half of the sum of unskilled workers. The 18 university alumnuss operate all managerial undertakings and concern schemes.

The foreign linguistic communication capableness of the work force shows 45.53 % of the workers understand English and 4 workers understand a foreign linguistic communication excepting English. English is a widely used linguistic communication in the universe now, therefore doing it extremely labour immobile for the unskilled workers to vie abroad.

This study was done through paper-based questionnaire given to the workers. The interlingual rendition of the original English bill of exchange transcript may somewhat differ in Chinese characters because some words in English do non hold an exact definition with a Chinese character and hence the consequences may non precisely be accurate. Some workers are partly literate ( like the 2.06 % of the 94 employees who did n’t complete primary degree instruction ) may could hold misunderstood my questionnaire and may hold implied a incorrect reply.

The information shows bulk of workers live nowhere farther than 10km from community. Merely two workers own a auto and bulk transit is by coach and pes which both scored 9/20 people. The Average distance to work is 6.28km with a scope of 0.7 to 26.9km which is large for a scope. Standard-deviation of 7.41 indicates the information was immensely spread out therefore oppugning the dependability of trying. The scope of the clip to get at work is between 10 to 60 proceedingss which once more is a large scope with standard-deviation of 14.7, lesser than the mean of 23.75

If the informations can be taken into consideration without judging its cogency, it shows that worker ‘s colony is good concentrated within 10km radius, therefore demoing how plentiful labour supply is. The determination for workers particularly unskilled 1s to populate near is to salvage going disbursal and clip. The graph shows a positive correlativity to the farther one lives, the longer it takes to work.

However, the work force scattering study may be flawed because going distance to work does non sometimes correlative with the clip take to travel to work. For illustration workers populating in cragged country may take longer to fall.

Wage and wages of workers

I was able to obtain from questionnaire the wage of the unskilled workers:

Guangdong state in the early 2008 has legislated a minimal pay degree in 5 different classs, get downing with the lowest of monthly ?530 for developing country. The figures above are really low compared to criterions of Hong-Kong, even a Pilipino amah with paid adjustment still earns at $ 3580 minimal per month. The figures above are non-tax-deducted which makes the disposable income even lower for workers. With revenue enhancement tax write-off, of 10 % from the G2 revenue enhancement duty, an assembly line worker truly earns ?1350 – ?1800. In Hong-Kong there is no constituted minimal income, nevertheless it is expected salary would stay at least $ 125 HKD a twenty-four hours for a amah ( approximately ?110.16 ) , about twice the wage of a mill worker. Guangdong is a possible labour-pull because of the low and indulgent lower limit pay statute law.

Land cost and handiness

The rental cost/m? is comparatively more expensive in Hong-Kong than Guangdong. Besides I have noticed that most commercial edifices for rent in Hong-Kong are located in high rise and merely hold equal infinite for a little workshop ( little fabrication countries for little constituent assembly ) without the room for heavy fabrication machineries ( it is besides unwise to turn up big machineries above land floors because of weight and force per unit area that could go against edifice construction regulations ) . The handiness of infinite contributes to the high land value in Hong-Kong, doing it unwise to turn up heavy machineries in Hong-Kong compared to broad Shenzhen.

The Hong-Kong authorities militias 35 % of belongings rent as land-value-tax ( LVT ) which compensates the personal income revenue enhancement to be low. The comparative rent is high in Hong-Kong chiefly because of the immense revenue enhancement chunk 35 % . All leasing location of Hong-Kong is comparatively expensive ( even twilight zones ) because the LVT revenue enhancement method disregards the belongings value itself, merely cost/m? with 35 % .

For these grounds, it is wise for TNC like Xintai.ltd to turn up their concern disposal central office in Hong-Kong ( because it uses less land and Hong-Kong has more skilled labor available than mainland China ) . Locating a mill in Shenzhen is what Xintai.ltd did because of land handiness, every bit good as the conducive external factors like authorities duty benefits.

Restrictions includes the listing may alter from clip to clip depending if the country has already been rented or non. hypertext transfer protocol: //hk.estate123.com/ did non have any land handiness for New Territories because at the clip of composing there were no agents printing land in N.T for sale / rent. Real-time estate quotation marks and monetary values require reaching with estate agent in Shenzhen, but nevertheless due to linguistic communication barriers and clip issues, this was avoided. Price quotation mark from cyberspace do non demo dependability whether the quotation marks monetary value is inclusive or sole like monthly security or direction payments. Advertised information on classifieds is limited and dependability varies because gross revenues are normally expected to be done over the phone with a face-to-face dealing.

The classified although references the country of premises, they do non advert the “ useable country per centum ” . The mentioned figures on classifieds are normally the “ gross country ” figure. Although a topographic point may be large, nevertheless the useable country per centum could be small, therefore intending a concern is leasing country that are non commercially functional for concern activity ( e.g. walls, lift shaft, air-con / fuse-box room ) .

Handiness: route web, expresswaies and transportation ports

From Google maps, it takes 1 hr 7 min to make Lo-Wu checkpoint Hong-Kong boundary line. Yuwu, the country where the Xintai.ltd is located is near to major motorway ; like Guanshen freeway which is merely 2.9km off with a 5 min thrust. This expressway connects to Guangdong cardinal freeway web that is able to make furthest parts of Chin or towards the Meiguan freeway to Lo-Wu boundary line between Hong-Kong.

The universe ‘s one time busiest major transportation ports was in Hong-Kong Kwai-Chung where it specializes transporting globally in mass graduated table. It takes around 50min ( 32.5km ) through Kam Tin Road across the cragged alleviation of Hong-Kong to make Kwai-Chung port from Lo-Wu. It is unwise to present container from Yuwu to Kwai-Chung merely to transport goods internationally. Fortunately Shenzhen has their international transportation port ; Mawan-Port and merely takes around 1 hr from Yuwu through Guangshen Expressway. Although the port is a batch smaller, nevertheless they specializes transporting goods through China state from the Dongjiang River. Along the river there is another little graduated table port ; Port Dongwan is a 20 min thrust and located 11.5km off.

Although Hong-Kong has a bigger port for exporting more containers, nevertheless it is more bureaucratic ( i.e. longer goods clearance and responsibility tagging clip ) compared to authorities velocity clearance China has to offer for foreign investors.

Climatic factors towards turn uping in Guangdong

The comparative humidness in Guangdong is high in scope ; mean monthly temperatures could make a scope of 8 grades or more. The mean humidness reaches extremum at July ( 82 % ) and ranges a lessening of 12 % mean humidness throughout till December ( 70 % ) . January boulder clay July has an optimal humidness degree ( 25-59 % ) for operating machineries, fabricating electronic constituents and the storage of wood. It is recommended for guitar wood to be kept in a 37 – 60 % RL environment to forestall wood from roll uping wet and spread outing ( swelling ) . Guangdong ‘s comparative humidness as of 2008 ‘s first 6 months is ideal for industry of wood and operating machineries. Yet besides better, the temperature does non transcend 35 grades Celsius which causes loose glued-in articulations. The temperature does n’t either surpass freezing-point degree, which will non impact guitar coatings with checking. Humidity non merely impact the quality of natural stuff ( i.e. wood is able to keep wet and excessively much wet affects tone ) , but besides electronic manufactured merchandises and machineries. High humidness would build-up wet inside any electronic and increase the conduction of insularity, therefore a dead circuit will happen. Low humidness is potentially endangering to do sudden power-off and fuse runawaies one time a discharge happens. High exposure to humidness would probably eat connections within electronics and overseas telegrams ; steel will besides corrode and weaken. In order for Xintai to transcend a choice outlook to consumers, they must maintain facilitate and shop natural stuffs good during the July to December and increasing check-up consistence of machineries for those 6 months.

Restrictions are that frequently an country may see microclimate. However the mill environing did non hold tower block edifice. The conditions information was taken signifier 2008 published figure and is 1 twelvemonth dated which may demo inaccuracies.

External factors upon why to turn up in Guangdong:

From reexamining the current authorities benefits including duty zones within China and freedom to belongings revenue enhancement for 3 old ages are benefits for foreign companies to “ seek new chances ” . These benefits do pull a batch of possible foreign investors because of the overall cost-efficiency induced from the authorities ( revenue enhancement benefits and indulgent import/export ordinances ) .

The subsidised authorities income revenue enhancement for the first 2 net income bring forthing old ages of a foreign concern enable foreign investors to tryout puting in China and hopefully remain. The foreign revenue enhancement subsidies are able to be reduced because the personal income revenue enhancement is instead high ; peculiarly there is a tolling system for different gross income degree. ( i.e. gross income of ?1000 – ?2000 must pay 10 % revenue enhancement under degree 2 revenue enhancement ) which is really high when deducted from a little gross income of ?2000.

The freedom on belongings revenue enhancement allows foreign investors to to the full set up their mill and do it go good under order before the Government start subtracting belongings revenue enhancement after 3-5 old ages ( depending on the employee size ) . To help settling foreign investors even more, importing foreign machineries or comfortss for production and fabrication intents are responsibility and imposts ‘ service charge exempted and has a shorter clearance twenty-four hours for review. This enables foreign concerns to rapidly setup their concern control and get down net income generating.

Although China ‘s functionaries are rigorous with population policies to keep a sustainable population growing, the foreign labour market to China is really nomadic. Foreign workers of a foreign established mill in China are entitled to remain every bit long as the concern exists in China, every bit long as the visa has to be updated every 3-6 months. These foreign workers are classified as “ impermanent visas holders ” and although may non set categorized as a full citizen, they are still permitted for national health care services which comes around to be a nice welcoming bundle for foreign investors to travel non merely their installations, but besides workers.

Ethnicity of the work force

Xintai.ltd has offshore a few workers from abroad from Britain and France to seek for more expertness work force. For illustration the two Gallic mechanics is specifically hired from Fujitsu-Siemens Company because of the peculiar specialisation of accomplishments. Besides due to the easiness of labour mobility in China, offshore-ing is common for specialised undertaking and where a company could engage external contractors to help production / fabrication.

Majority of the work force ( 85.54 % ) are Chinese workers. The advantage of holding bulk of workers to be the same nationality is to cut down cultural struggles between different civilizations.

Although the study shows 85.54 % of employees are Chinese cultural, nevertheless “ nationality ” is a obscure word which varies because there are different immigrated workers ( e.g. from Philippines, Malaysia ) who are non considered to be lasting occupant ( has non resided for 7 old ages ) . This is because to cut down complications from misinterpretations from workers.

Part 4: Decision

Pulling from the major listed points from my probe, it is apparent that China has an advantageous clout for foreign investors to turn up their new mills. From labour-pull to concern cost, it ‘s a good trade for investors to cut down concern outgo and take advantage of workers from a lower criterion of life. The land is plentiful in Guangdong, and particularly from the comparative rent compared to Hong-Kong, it is far cheaper in the long tally ( with tax write-off of authorities revenue enhancement for first 5 old ages ) . Although bulk of the labour supply around the Guangdong country is unskilled, it is good suitable towards foreign secondary-sector houses that require simple assembly accomplishments. However if a house likes to look for skilled-labour supply, Guangdong would non sooner be the ideal pick because of the sub-par instruction and literacy rate. Xintai ‘s chief drawback to turn up in Guangdong is the external unmanageable factor ; conditions. The clime of Guangdong would do it a barrier for certain goods to be manufactured or kept storage due to its humidness and high temperature. Hot and humid environment could besides easy affect worker ‘s public presentation and may bring on other heat related jobs like heat hyperpyrexia if ventilating is non equal.

I suggest the Guangdong authorities to reexamine their 2008 statute law on lower limit pay because it is instead unethical and instantly causes a harmful repute towards the state, particularly how minimal pay degree of ?530 is unsustainable for an person ( and particularly after a 10 % revenue enhancement tax write-off ) to populate. Although foreign investing power is a positive to lend to the GNP, nevertheless authorities should non merely protect their investing to foreign power, but besides the labourers of China that are paid miniscule wage.

From looking at different geographical factors in different position ; from clime to socio-economic, I am conclusive to state that money is the ultimate driving-force to do multinationals to travel into a new state. All the things, including revenue enhancement tax write-off, cheaper labor / land, and authorities subsidies are all money related. But in item point of view, I would state it is the work force handiness that pulls in foreign investors, particularly an unskilled work force to get down mass-manufacturing goods. Notice how unskilled labor is fit to make mass-assembly because they are recognized to merely be capable of simple undertakings, therefore undeserving moderate wage. Anything related to cost-cutting and mass-saving is what drives investors to setup a mill.

Other factors non-related to money like location, clime, civilization, handiness are non wholly disregarded from a concern point of view to take a location ; but they are non excessively extremely regarded factors compared to money economy.

Future inquiries

I would wish to look into in the hereafter perchance how a mill worker with a minimalistic wage could digest compared to a MEDC occupant. The anticipation of China authorities greed of foreign investors endangering long-run effects of civilization displacements.

Part 5: Bibliography


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Part 6: Appendixs

Note: All irrational figures like exchange rates are rounded to 2 denary topographic points

Within the company Xintai.ltd, there are about 100 employees. Harmonizing to the director ‘s record from worker ‘s safety insurance certification, the concern via medias:

62 unskilled / semi-skilled workers:

  • 45x assembly line workers
  • 4x security guards
  • 2x on-the-spot mechanics
  • 1x caretaker
  • 1x janitor
  • 9x kitchen staff

32 skilled labour workers

  • 1x selling manager
  • 1x selling directors
  • 8x selling staff
  • 1x production manager
  • 2x production directors
  • 2x QC officers
  • 6x production workers
  • 3x R & A ; D
  • 1x finance manager
  • 4x finance section
  • 1x human-resource manager
  • 1x company attorney
  • 1x comptroller

Education / Literacy inquiries ( 1dp )

  • 98.98 % ( 93 / 94 ) of employees are literate to Chinese
  • 45.23 % ( 27 / 31 87.1 % within the skilled sector ) ( 2 / 62 3.2 % within the unskilled sector ) of employees is capable of understanding English
  • 4.36 % ( 4 / 62 within the skilled sector and no 1 within the unskilled sector ) of employees is capable of understanding a foreign linguistic communication apart from English
  • 97.94 % ( 92 / 94 ) of employees has finished primary degree of instruction
  • 87.21 % ( 82 / 94 ) of employees has completed secondary degree instruction
  • 28.77 % ( 27 / 94 ) of employees has received higher instruction from vocational preparation ( semi-skilled )
  • 19.15 % ( 18 / 94 ) of employees has received higher instruction from university ( Skilled )
  • 52.12 % ( 49 / 94 ) of employees did non have any higher instruction and were trained on-the-job scenario

Economicss ( compare figures to HK )

Assembly line workers ( unskilled )

  • Assembly line worker = 5 – 20 RMB per-piece rate ( depending on the trouble )
  • Average pay per month = 1500 – 2000 RMB ( gross income )
  • Average pay per twenty-four hours ( gross income divided by [ 6×4 ] ) = 62.50 – 83.33RMB )
  • Half-day on Saturday, closed on Lord’s daies

Other unskilled workers ( kitchen, janitor, security )

  • fixed salary 1000 – 1500 RMB
  • acquire little fillips ( disclosed sum ) if working overtime ( security ) , this includes longer working hr and working on Lord’s daies

Average disposable income ( gross income – single income revenue enhancement [ G2 revenue enhancement @ 10 % duty ] ) Index to demo the functional sum of income after mandatory single income revenue enhancement deducted.

  • Assembly line worker = RMB 1350 – 1800 ( disposable income )
  • Other unskilled laborers = RMB 900 – 1350 ( disposable income )

( Skilled labour income disclosed )

Worker ‘s variegation / ethnicity ( social-economical factors )

Worker ‘s nationality

  • 85.54 % ( 91 of 94 ) is Chinese cultural workers
  • 2.82 % ( 3 of 94 ) is foreign workers ( on foreign impermanent visas )

This consist of 2 British ( an comptroller and a production director ) , 1 Gallic hired mechanic dispatched from foreign machinery trade name.

Land informations

  • Compare the monthly rent per metre squared between mills available in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Besides province any land ordinance benefits / disadvantages ( e.g. revenue enhancement conditional offers, height / infinite bound, maximal decibel degree ) upon runing / constructing a mill. Besides province the land handiness for development.
  • Research done through online posted classifieds.

Hong Kong ‘s industrial zone

  • Hong Kong territory
  • Queen ‘s Road, Central

hypertext transfer protocol: //hongkong.gumtree.com.hk/c-Flat-House-Real-Estate-office-space-commercial-Queens-Road-Central-W0QQAdIdZ156217299

  • Office with little workshop semidetached house
  • Factory country: 650ft2 ( 60.39m2 )
  • Rent monthly: HKD $ 38000 ( $ 629.24/m2 )
  • Kowloon

Land informations presently unavailable.

  • New Districts

Land informations presently unavailable.

Guangdong territory

  • De Tai Industrial Zone, Longhua, Shenzhen

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.made-in-china.com/china-products/productviewRAmQTYECxraL/Factory-Buildings-For-Rent.html

Factory country = 85000m2 5 floors ( country of rent is negotiable )

Rent monthly = RMB 15/m2

Handiness: Adjacent to Mei-guan Highway, Ji-he Highway, Mei-long Highway.

  • Tang Xia town, Dongguan, Shenzhen

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ecplaza.net/tradeleads/seller/3904524/newbuild_factory_building.html

Factory country = 5000m2

Rent monthly = USD $ 7500 ( USD 1.5/m2 ? RMB 10.24/m2 [ 2d.p @ xe.com ] )

Handiness: Transportation system to Guangzhou ( about 1 hr and half ) and to Shenzhen and Hong Kong ( about 40 proceedingss )

External factors upon why to turn up in Guangdong

An interview with the director reveals the grounds:


  • Government grants are seldom offered, but nevertheless there are many revenue enhancement tax write-offs available. No subordinates either, unless a company is ran under the agribusiness sector where the authorities could subsidies to forestall expensive harvests.
  • Government income revenue enhancement from gross subsidized for the first 2 profit-generating old ages

  • Another brawny 50 % revenue enhancement tax write-off after the undermentioned tax-exempt 2 old ages with a contract signed for 10 old ages in Guangdong. Contract could be renewed after 10 old ages.
  • Exemption on belongings revenue enhancement for 3 – 5 old ages on foreign invested mills.
  • Exemption from duty for natural stuff import, every bit long as it follows the P & A ; A contract ( forces & A ; disposal ) and does non go against any trade stoppage regulations ( e.g. no firearm import )
  • Import license with shorter review clip ( less bureaucratic ) for foreign machineries or particular comfortss for review. However import revenue enhancement still applies.


  • Foreign workers are permitted to remain for long continuance every bit long as their visas are renewed every 3 – 6 months. However they are categorized as “ impermanent abode license holders ”
  • Foreign workers still benefit the health care and insurance compulsory to be partly covered by the province. This will to a great extent cut down the cost for health care services towards workers being insured by the company.
  • China


( See excel calculate chart )

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Comparison between Hong Kong and Guangdong concern countries, GNP and criterion of life

Hong Kong ( 2008 figures )

  • GDP: $ 215008 million HKD
  • Median monthly family income for a household of four: $ 18800 HKD

Guangdong ( 2008 figures )

  • GDP: 3569646 million RMB
  • 5553.67 / 10000 people are employed
  • Guangdong employment rate: 4 334.5 / 10000 people ( 43.345 % )
  • Has signed the ILO ( International Labour Organization ) to roll up with international working criterions, labour statute law and employment jurisprudence

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